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Amarachukwu and Ugochukwu Nwokolo begin marital journey (4): Why I sponsored the couple’ – Chief Jonathan Uzor Okafor

It was obvious that Amara’s in-law, Chief Jonathan Uzor Okafor bankrolled the exotic wedding.  Practically everywhere, ENCOMIUM Weekly asked the clearing and forwarding mogul why he was so much involved in the classy nuptials.

What’s your prayer for the couple?

I pray that the joy of the Lord will continue to be in their home.  I join all the prayers we’ve been praying in the church today (Saturday, July 4, 2015).

I’m sure you have some advice for your daughter and her husband?

They should hold on to the word of God.

Why did you go out of your way to support the couple?

Like you’ve been told, Amara is my daughter, though she’s my wife’s niece.  We love her so much.  That’s the reason we are celebrating her today.  And she really did us proud.

What about her husband?

Ugochukwu is also worthy of celebration.  He and Amara are good together, as you can see.


‘They will sure make a beautiful home’-Chief Sam Okonkwo

CHAIRMAN, Fair Point Nigeria Limited, Chief Sam Okonkwo (Enyi Agboso) who also graced the occasion spoke about the newly-wed and their sponsor, Jonex boss.

What’s your prayer for Amara and Ugo?

They should have a beautiful home.  They have good parents.  God will make them better than their parents.

You’ve been in marriage for many years, so what about your advice for them?

In every situation, they should learn to tolerate each other.  That’s what marriage is all about when a couple tells you they have been together without a quarrel, something must be wrong.  The important thing is that they have to understand each other.  They should learn to resolve issues arising from their marriage internally.

What really attracted the caliber of people who attended this wedding?

Jonathan Okafor is a good fellow.  He’s also a likeable character.  We will always identify with him and his family.


‘They should follow their parents’ footsteps’ -Sir Okey Ezeibe

SIR Okey Ezeibe also prayed for the couple…

We want you to pray for Ugo and Amara, Sir.

My prayer is they should follow the footsteps of their parents.  They can’t afford to disappoint us.  They should live happily with the fear of God.


-Stories and interviews by UCHE OLEHI


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