‘Amosun has created enabling environment for rapid economic expansion’- BOLU OWOTOMO

Mr. Bolu Owotomo is the co-founder and Managing Director of Bellwether Capital Management Limited, a private investment firm focusing on farming, real estate and trading. With a passionate desire for positive change and progress for his community, he continues to participate actively in the political arena in Ogun State.

Hard working, with a wealth of experience in portfolio management, funds advisory, investment consulting as well as financial/retirement planning, Bolu Owotomo spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Dayo Rufai on his entrance into politics, interest and his multi-empowerment scheme which spreads throughout all the wards of his Ijebu North East LG area.

You appear to have suddenly picked interest in partisan politics. What is behind it?

Beyond my political intention in the coming election, my passion is an ingenous one despite my vast professional knowledge base in my field (investment and farming). I am a people’s person and I believe in grassroots’ growth and development for a better life.

Most people delving into partisan politics tend to believe ‘I know what is good for my people,’ but upon getting into position, they forget. Should we expect that situation from you if the opportunity of getting to power beckons on you?

Record has it that my contribution to my locality in the last years has been significant due to the fact that I am friends with the masses and closer to them which makes me recognize and understand their urgent needs to foster their lives.

I have since identified this and leveraged completely on it in recent times without any governmental support.

I am willing and hopeful to do much better when I find myself in governance. As the saying goes, to whom much is given, much is definitely expected.

You have been involved in grassroots empowerment. Do you think the empowerment can be done better as a politician?

Yes, of course. The empowerment responses from the masses have been increasingly interesting and we have been perfecting new ways of contributing meaningfully to the lives of our people as we have since discovered that government alone cannot be saddled with the responsibility of giving our people more qualitative life.

I have in the past one-year provided grants, sewing machines, fridges, etc, to over 300 women in Ijebu North East Local Government and beyond. I have also contributed meaningfully to the development of various communities in my locality. I have granted scholarship to 20 students and I give monthly allowance to a number of youths and elderly in order to enhance their standard of living. In all, Bolu Owotomo Empowerment Scheme has constantly been in touch with the grassroots and we have been able to use this vehicle to deliver bundles of joy and happiness to various homes.

What is your position on the idea that the well educated young ones should participate in governance in Nigeria?

My sincere opinion is that the younger ones are vibrant and would be smarter in governance as the world is currently moving towards the new generation and technology is taking a big toll on our lives which only the young can completely understand and fully optimize.

More enlightened young ones should play active role in politics and retire from the ‘sidon look” syndrome which is currently doing this generation no good. We have to encourage more educated young ones to take interest in politics, as that is the only way to increase capacity and add more dynamism to governance.

Unemployment is a serious issue today. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo had called it a “time bomb” waiting to detonate. How would you address it if you were in power?

Unemployment has been a serious issue in this country for years, we can only put multiple avenues in place to gradually reduce and eradicate this mess in due time.

If you should take critical assessment of governance in Ogun State in the last couple of years, would you say you’re satisfied with it?

Yes, I am more than satisfied. As we have been blessed with an amiable governor whose mission to re-build Ogun State has been in top gear since he assumed office. He has been able to do in two and half years what some could not achieve in eight years. Ogun State is presently witnessing rapid growth and transformation in all sectors like never before. This will create hope and opportunity for the generation yet unborn.

If an opportunity beckons on you today to go for an elective office, what particular office will be your choice?

I have the capacity to occupy any elective post in Ogun State and contribute meaningfully due to my experience and exposure. I, however, will not sit down in isolation and make up my mind on a post to vie for without adequate consultations with my people and party elders.

For now, we are supporting our amiable Governor Senator Ibikunle Amosun in bringing the dividends of democracy closer to the people while mobilizing massive support for our great party, APC towards membership registration.

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