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Ben Bruce mocked as constituents threaten recall

The threat by constituents of Senator Ben Murray Bruce from Bayelsa east has led to mockery of the “commonsense” advocate.

Indigenes of Nembe, Brass and Ogbia accused the senator of not working in their best interest, having failed to attract any project to the constituency, among other things.
And Nigerians are also unhappy with him…
  • iamroyalprincSo Na mouth 👄 dis one dey too? So Ben nor de work for him constituency? Na wa! Common sense nor common among our senators oh😂😂😂😂😂@instablog9ja
  • ebimeluThis guy hasn’t even been to bayelsa lol
  • ooreehMr Common sense😁😁😁
  • la_chiqq🤣🤣🤣
  • wwunmigoldBayelsa wants to recall the man that is always making common sense 😅😅😅
  • doris_ejekwuoneLol mr common sense.
  • tunuuu7What a hypocrite.
  • bianca_sweetthingThis guy be looking like Freddy Krueger always
  • kvng_yindaHe is performing ooo, on twitter 😂😂😂
  • oLOL. Mr. Common Sense.
  • realtoyosilol Mr common sense I knew he’s just talking and not doing anything….smh
  • fumeeyHe’s busy making common sense😂
  • ibam101Common sense
  • deraigweTwitter Constituency 🤣🤣🤣 u all play too muchhhh
  • koceedivaAnd to think he is always twitting instead of paying his workers
  • vicki_eyoRemember when he was throwing shade because of jollof rice? Who lacks the common sense now 😂😂
  • preetyaniBaba only knows how to speak English & tweet
  • rosysdomeHis constituency is Twitter, what do you expect?
  • kelechitalksLet’s not be too quick to judge. When I saw students are the ones protesting I slowed down on the story. Most protesters don’t have the facts and are sometimes employed to distract or discredit performance. Might be wrong, but would rather see more of this cases
  • oluwaddeeTwitter senator .
  • pablo_xcobaafter all the grammar
  • superdemmyBut he’s performing on Twitter na….lol
  • el_kenaniMr common sense!! Twitter Senator.
  • house_of_philraOga senator….. Wia is Za common sense
  • that_fleek_bae.try and lose
  • mimsmagicThey should just act.
  • dunowillsOne chance!
  • kingjamesdash@msleesiHe may be performing online not in reality
  • ogas_on_topNigeria lol so easy to control thoughts with disinformation this country can be destroyed not with a gun
  • ujubaybayOn top d whole common sense @instablog9ja
  • bigkelvautosHe doesn’t practice what he preaches..
  • milli_rahlNa only to tweet he sabi
  • ronin_bladeAll that clamour for #commonsense& nigga ain’t using it
  • king_chulaYou all should keep calm cus he is only trying to make common sense
  • collins_billzGood one he’s always active on social media but won’t be active on his duties as a senator
  • maxxieyyAnd which politician has been performing?
  • nelgeniusSo recall is now the trending thing?
  • tubely2k2Instead of working he’s too busy ranting that a president doesn’t know how to perform his duties
  • charleskeys23😩 they are just there for money & not for serving their citizens
  • walecurtisSo Mr Common Sense No Dey Do Anything, I Had Faith In This Man oooo, We’ve Been Hearing Recall Since & None Of Them Is Yet To Be Recall, Nigerians And Noise, Actions Speaks Louder Than Voice
  • charlawn7@pepechidoziealika I sight u…..but is it by paying dia skul fees???is dat y his dia. …..make dem kukuma ask for bursary
  • seasydemotorsWaoooo so these fool is still Alive???
  • temidayo_irohaCommon -sense is indeed not common
  • debolaadegbolaHe’s not a typical naija politician that goes to give money to his constituents, distribute bags of rice, transformer, drill boreholes etc
  • giftanabelIgbos finally got a listening ear now Baylesa people want to try their luck. Good luck!
  • ruggedboss1All he does is to rant on Twitter
  • 6igaakkAPC still trying to take over Bayelsa
  • tashia2305talks on twitter like he is not part of the government


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