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Bukky Wright, Nollywood actress (BEAUTY SECRETS OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS)

ONE of the foremost and most popular Nollywood actresses, Bukky Wright, has beguiled us for years with her moving and unforgettable acting portrayals.  The gorgeous, fair skinned ‘Omotara Johnson’ beauty who also runs her own fashion house –BWright, squealed to us the secrets to her stunning beauty.

Bukky WrightWhat are three beauty/makeup items that you can’t do without?

I don’t think there is any beauty product I cannot do without really…although I love my Shea butter (Ori) as it’s called in Yoruba.  I buy it locally and use it all over my body.  Sometimes, I mix it with any lotion, I find it’s really good, at least for my skin.  It makes me glow and I’ve been using it for a while now.

I can’t do without my lip-gloss. I don’t really like lipstick too much. I wear Clinique lip-gloss because it’s very natural looking.  I don’t mind what colour because I have naturally pink lips anyway.   I use that and I’m good to go.Ori) as it’s called in Yorub.  I buy it locally and use it all over my body.  Sometimes, I mix it with any lotion, I find it’s really good, at least for my skin.  It makes me glow and I’ve been using it for a while now.

I also like my eyeliner, eye pencil.  The blue one…sometimes I use one from Clinique other times the one from Bobbi Brown.  I find it brightens my eyes.

Any beauty items/treatments you would NEVER do/use…why?

I would never ever go near anything with hydroquinone in it.  I cherish my skin and will do anything to help it look its best, and hydroquinone does not help anyone’s skin, in the long run.

What is the best single piece of beauty advice that you have ever got, and that you live by?

It would have to be the advice I got from my mother.  A long time ago I fell, and I had a scar and my mom said why don’t you rub ori on it?  So I was using it every day, rubbing it on the scar…then after a while it was fading and my mother then suggested why don’t you just use the ori on all of your body.  And I have ever since.  It is very, very good for the skin.  A lot of people don’t know this. It is not until you go and spend millions on chemicals that you can look good.  A lot of the things you can use to look good are actually very cheap and easily available.

Bukky Wright What is your skincare regime?  What do you do for your skin from the minute you wake up till you go to bed?

To be honest, I don’t really do anything spectacular.  Or out of this world. I have fairly oily skin. I think I have to say when I wake up in the morning my skin looks like a new born baby’s skin (laughs).  No really…but that is because I make sure I take care of it at night.  Before I go to bed I use Sebamed to wash my face.  Then I cleanse with Non Alcohlic cleanser from Marks and Spencer.  This will clear away any residue that the wash didn’t get.  And then I go to bed. I think it’s important to keep the face clean at night because this is the time it needs to rest and repair itself.

What makeup brands do you like and use –foundation, mascara, lippy, etc.  Why?

I don’t use makeup often, and when I do I don’t like using a lot…I feel I look like babalawo when I do (laughter all round).  So, I’m very much for the natural look.  But then when you have an event or formal occasion it does call for a little extra.  For foundation, I use Super Cover.  It’s not as well known in Nigeria at least as some of the other brand name but it’s fantastic.  I like it especially because it is water based. It doesn’t smear and smudge or start falling off your face the minute it gets hot or you start sweating.  And it’s specially made for people of all colour.  I also use the loose powder.  It’s a little more expensive than known brands and you won’t find it just everywhere but a friend of mind has the franchise for Nigeria, so I buy it from her.

What’s your skin type?

My face is oily…but funny my body skin is very dry.

Do you have facials?

I do have facials, but I’ll tell you something, I like to do them myself.  I’ve discovered what works for me and I don’t want to go for a facial and someone puts something on my face that will ruin it.  One thing I do is something called oil and honey therapy.  Its red oil (epo or palm oil) mixed with honey and a little lime.  I rub it on my skin for ten to twenty minutes and then shower, come out glowing.  Also, at other times, I add a little St. Ives Scrub to the oil and honey mixture and use to scrub my face. Before this I use a hot damp towel to open the pores.  Then I scrub, wash off, dab the face and use an icy cold towel on my face to help close the pores again.

bukky_wright1You seem to have a lot of good knowledge on beauty.  Where did you learn all these tips?

Well, my sister, a lot of it is common sense.  You don’t need to be told by anyone to keep your skin clean.  Also growing up, meeting people, watching beauty programmes, you learn a lot of things.  People are always speculating what did she use…she’s looking younger and younger…A lot of things are just by our finger tips, yet people don’t know.

So you would never go and have a facial in a salon?

If something is not broke don’t fix it.  It all works for me so I’m happy.

How do you keep your body looking good?

A lot of what I mentioned before. I also drink bitters…I won’t mention the name as this would be an unpaid advert (laughs).  But I drink bitters very often. I find if I have something that doesn’t go well with my system, I drink bitters and it pushes it out…I go to the loo and I feel lighter.  It detoxifies me and is really good for the heart and liver.  People don’t know that we have a lot of sugar in our diet.  We eat a lot f carbohydrates and they break down into sugar.  We need something to balance all that sugar and that is what the bitters do.  But a lot of people don’t k now how beneficial these things are.  Most of the things we need to look and feel good are easily got and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Bukky Wright & Kemi OtegbadeDo you diet?

I don’t diet per se…I watch what I eat.  In the work I do I can’t afford to be fat.  I remember I used to be much heavier before.  All I was getting were all these mama roles, mother-in-law, etc (laughter).  Of course, there is nothing wrong with those roles but at least you have to get to that age first (laughing).  Anyway, one day I just said Bukky that’s enough. Enough is enough.  You see a really nice dress that you like but you can’t buy it because it’s not your size or it doesn’t look good on you.  That’s not good. You have to be really determined and disciplined.  There’s no doubt it is difficult, butif it’s what you want…people tell me sometimes…ah, it’s too hard o…and I say, then you don’t want it.  For instance, I love chicken and turkey, I still eat it but now it’s without the skin.  S ome people don’t know that the skins of chicken and turkey, though delicious is the fattest part.  Chicken is still my favourite but I will remove the skin first. I don’t take a lot of oil…no butter unless it’s low fat.  Eat but eat light.  Again, people have told me oh good doesn’t taste the same without oil.  Well, how can you eat oil and expect not to be fat?  I take a lot of fruits and vegetables.  I can’t do without my favourites, pawpaw, watermelon, pineapple, oranges or grapes every day.  I don’t take bananas because they are fattening.  Also, I don’t think drinking all that cold water helps, I only drink water at room temperature.

Do you go to the gym?  What exercise do you do?

I do go to the gym. I go to Ivory on Ogundana, Ikeja.  When I was bigger I used to go every day. Now, I go once a week because I know that brisk walking helps and I do a lot of that in my neighbourhood almost every day.  I also have a personal trainer that comes once a week.

What’s your dress size?

I’m now an America size 8.  That’s a British size 10.

What do you do to pamper yourself?  Spas?  Massages, etc?

I’m not really into spas.  I went for one once.  A chocolate spa in the US, but then I said to myself do I really need this?  So, now I don’t bother.

How would you describe your style?

I would say I am a very simple person. I want to look gorgeous in a very simple way.  Modesty is what it’s all about.  And I don’t like exposing myself or my body.

Bukky Wright-001What’s your favourite perfume?

Honestly, I just like anything that smells nice. I wouldn’t say I have one favourite perfume.  I also don’t like the idea of being identified with one perfume.  I like the mystery, keep them guessing –what’s she wearing.  I like Angel, Issey Miyake, Burberry.  But I would never wear them alone. I would always mix one or two fragrances together.

What’s your favourite colour?  Any reason why?

I like white.  There is just something I like about it.  It seems to translate a certain aura.  For me, it also feels clean and matured.

Are you a lipstick or lip-gloss girl?

I definitely prefer lip glosses.

What things do you like doing to your hair?  Why?

Depends on my mood or my role at the time.  But I like braiding.  Otherwise it’s weave-on. I like all kinds of styles.  I like the fact that weave-on gives you that versatility.  I like the fact that you can change the way you look.  I really like blonde weaves at the moment and I wear more of that. I have to say I do like crazy hair.  I mean I like colours and if I go short I go really short and look for a crazy cut.  Otherwise, I like really long blonde weaves.

What’s your fashion fetish?  Shoes, bags, perfumes, jeans, what?  Why?

I love shoes.  I have all kinds.  Of course, I like designer shoes, Dior, Versace, etc.  But I like all kinds of shoes, flats, wedges, killer heels, I’m good with them all (laughs).  But really shoes tell you the kind of woman you are, and I like that.  I also love shirts, all kinds of shirts and that is why I set up my own shirt store –BWright.  All office wear shirts made from premium cotton and silk.

So you combine this with acting?

Oh yes!  I make my designs and then take them to a factory in Italy, I pick out my fabrics and they get them made for me.

Isn’t that expensive?  Having them made abroad?

Actually it would have been more expensive running on gen 24/7 here in Nigeria.  Also unfortunately some Nigerian tailors will want to ruin your business.

What will you NOT be caught dead wearing?  Why?

Clothes that reveal my boobs or have my boobs hanging out…hell no!

Who is your favourite designer and why?

If you are talking about Nigerian designers I honestly can’t say.  There are so many of them being so creative and doing all kinds of beautiful stuff.  But really if the cut is perfect and the clothes are nice, that’s good enough for me. I do like Eve 2000 and Rosie though because I have patronized them.

Is plastic surgery ever an option for you?  Why or why not?

Hell no!  I wouldn’t ever think of tampering or altering the work of God. I think I am perfectly made and there is a reason why God created me the way I am, good and bad.

Will you feel the same way in 20 years time though?

I don’t see myself thinking about cosmetic surgery.  That’s why I have to work hard to keep looking good now.




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