Celebrity designer, Asandrea and wife stage colourful traditional wedding

-Clad in a million naira attire

Isiowerre Village, Owerri-Nkworji, Nkwerre, Imo State went agog on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, for the traditional wedding between celebrity designer, Ugafor Tochukwu Michael and beautiful Onyii Andrea Duru-Ohaeto. However, some celebrity friends and clients missed the colourful traditional wedding due to the death of his brother, Okey Peters Ugafor, few weeks before the wedding.

“It was really a painful death! He was the man who started my wedding plan, but today, he’s not here. My model, my best friend left me a month to this great event. If he was to be alive, he would have been acting as my father. Death really dealt with me, but I leave everything in God’s hands,” said the Agbaja Abatete, Anambra born designer. “That’s why I have decided to go ahead with the traditional wedding in a low key.”

Meanwhile, the CEO of Asandrea Collections and wife expressed happiness about the success of the nuptials in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly…

‘Our coming together is by God’s grace’-groom, UGAFOR TOCHUKWU

DSC_1933-001How do you feel today?

I am happy, but not totally happy because my brother, who started this journey with me is not here to witness my joyous moment, but the Bible says in all situations, give thanks to God.

Can you tell us when and how you proposed to your wife?

I took her out to one of the recreational centres and proposed to her. The funny thing about the proposal was that she saw the ring in my bag a day before I proposed, without my knowledge. So, she wasn’t surprised. But, she was very happy.

What was the attraction?

Her gentility attracted me. She is a quiet girl, very humble and respectful.

What will change about you now that you have tied the knot the traditional way?

(Laughs) My status has changed from single to married.

When is the white wedding?

Soon and you will be notified.

What has sustained your love for your wife?

Our coming together is by God’s grace. As a child, it has been my wish to meet my wife during my service year, and God granted it. I met her while serving my fatherland.

What is your prayer for this marriage?

My prayer is that the Good Lord, who made this union possible will always pilot it.

You and your wife look fabulous. Tell us about your attire?

Honestly, it took me time to come up with the attire because I have a lot of concepts waiting to be designed. I want to speak to the world through my wears. In fashion line, I combine African and English style together, which shows that the world is one, and we (people) are one irrespective of tribe and race. There is nothing wrong if President of America, Barrack Obama dresses like Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, vice visa.

What kind of fabrics did you use and how much?

I used three types of fabrics.  Isi Agu made in the UK, for the suit Italian and polish materials. For the cost of the wears, I must say it’s close to a million naira, mine and my wife’s.

‘I am getting married to my best friend’ – bride, ONYII ANDREA 

DSC_2009How does it feel today, your traditional wedding day?           

I am grateful to God Almighty for making today a reality. I am very excited and happy that I am getting married to my best friend.

Can you tell us why you accepted his proposal? 

I accepted his proposal at once because  he is a wonderful man, very caring, understanding and above all, God fearing.

What was the attraction?

His reasoning and ability to discern situations and people. These were the things that drew me closer to him.

What will change about you now you have tied the knot the traditional way?

The only thing that will change is my surname and the fact that I have to move to my husband’s house in Lagos.

When is the white wedding?

The white wedding will hold soon, you will definitely be invited.

What has sustained your love for your husband?

His character. He is very caring and understanding.

What is your prayer for this marriage?

I pray for God’s blessings, favour, and protection all the days of our lives.




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