Chief Willy Obi conferred with Agbarusia Ngele

On Saturday, December 28, 2013 Chief  Willy Obi, (Odinanwa), the Executive Chairman of Obison Homemate Explorers Limited & PANDA Events  Centre Sabo – Yaba was  conferred with a new title, Agbarusia Ngele of Akokwa, by His Royal Highness, Eze (Sir) Ikenna C. Okoli (KSC), Okoli V, Agbakwuruibe III, the 11th Obi of Akokwa. The ceremony which took place at the palace of the Obi was part of the celebration of the Odu-Obi Festival 2013.  Guests of the new Agbarusia Ngele of Akokwa were hosted to a grand reception at Obison Villa at Owerre-Akokwa.

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