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Craze for aso ebi still on the rise (2)

‘Aso ebi’ is a popular phenomenon across different cultures. Hardly will a weekend pass without people wearing colourful ‘aso ebi’ and attending events. We sought the opinion of people this week to know if they still buy the mandatory uniform for society shindigs…


Barbara Bassey

I will say, yes. Despite recession, people are still buying. I also buy aso ebi because I love Ankara a lot. I have friends who can spend their last penny on aso ebi.

That would be February this year

That will be N2,500.


Anita Ugochukwu

Aso Ebi is still in vogue except that recession might be affecting some people from spending money for aso ebi.

Last month. A friend of mine got married and she sold aso ebi.

It depends on the kind of material. If it is lace, I can pay up to N15,000. If it is Ankara, I can pay N3,000.


Kemi Alex

People are still buying aso ebi, though I have attended a wedding where it was just the same colour that people wore. But a couple of very close friends of the couple wore aso ebi. So, yes aso ebi is still in vogue.

Two months ago.

Maybe N3,000.


Kafayat Afizi

Why not. There are tribes that can’t do without taking aso ebi whenever they have any festivity. The Yorubas, for instance, can’t do without it.

Earlier in the year.

For Ankara N2,500.


Opeyemi Alimi

Yes, people are still buying aso ebi like before. I will still sell one next month, my brother has a major event we are staging and there will be aso ebi.

Three months ago.



Funke Adebisi

I will say no because of recession, but it is not as if people no longer buy aso ebi.

Last year. Late last year to be precise.

N2,500 or N3,000.


Ngozi Johnson

I think it has decreased because of the economic situation of the country. Some people have not even eaten not to talk of buying clothes.

Two months ago



Eyiwunmi Ojo

Yes, people are still buying aso ebi but because of recession, it might have reduced. I have friends who sold aso ebi a couple of weeks back. Another thing people are doing is to choose colour but it is not yet as popular as aso ebi.

Two weeks ago, I bought two.



Idowu Agbetoye

Yes, I still see people buying and wearing aso ebi.

Two weeks ago.







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