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Fair Prince explains what inspired video of Thank You Part 2

Award winning gospel artiste, Fair Prince has hit the studio for the video shoot of his wave making single, Thank you Part 2, featuring Eben, under O.H.O Entertainment Inc. the colourful video shoot witnessed a turnout of celebrities such as Ngozi Nwosu, Patrick Doyle who identified with the song.

According to the act whose philosophy is For everything you win, there is something you have lost. Fair Prince said he decided to shoot the video in Nigeria because there is no place like home.

What inspired Thank you Part 2 video?

Just like the song Thank you Part 2, it came as a result of the yearnings of my fans who have enjoyed the song both part 1 and 2. I can remember, a lot of people called me from home and abroad, asking for the video because they enjoyed the song so, I decided to shoot the video.

Tell us about it.

It is a song of gratitude to God for all He has done for me, my family and His strength over my life. God has been good to me. We are at work now shooting the video.

What should your fans expect, will there be an album or just singles?

Thank you is the single. It is coming from the album, I am Jacob which is supposed to have been released in June this year but, we had to extend it till next year because of circumstances beyond our control.

Which artistes did you feature in the song?

My very good friend, Eben is on board. The video of the song will also have some Nollywood stars as well.

You had the part 1 shot abroad, are you doing same to this one and its video?

No, we brought it back home in order to work with some of the gifted producers in the entertainment world. Unlimited LA is handling it this time around.

How does it feel working with one of the best hands in the industry?

I must tell you, it is awesome. Unlimited LA has a reputation for producing great videos. My management talked about it and we were able to strike a deal with him. I am sure my fans will have a great time watching the video.

Why did you decide to feature some Nollywood stars?

They are like sisters and brothers to me. In everything I do, they come to show their support. I also do that as well. We are like one big family. I wouldn’t want to mention names now. The video is in progress, you will definitely see some of my Nollywood friends in it.

What actually inspired you to be an artiste?

Music called me then my dad was a chancellor in the Anglican Church of God. I come from a background where you would be woken up early in the morning and instructed to go to church. I found myself in the choir as I was growing up so, that is it.

Music is like a calling for me. Ministry chose me, I didn’t choose Ministry.

Looking at the journey as an artiste, how will you describe it?

The journey has been awesome, I am really enjoying it. God has been so good to me. I didn’t expect to have gone this far but, God has been there to take me on His wings. We have been able to scale some of the hurdles, on my way.

What were the challenges you encountered in putting the video together?

God has been good to me. He has given us the grace to overcome all the challenges that we came across. The noticeable challenge I will say is timing, trying to fix time to shoot and the artistes you are shooting with are not around or the producer is not chanced when the artistes are around.

How much did it cost you to put the video together?

I wouldn’t know. I will say it is huge. Working with Unlimited LA is not a joke. That is a heavy weight name in the industry. He doesn’t come that cheap.

What is your expectation from this video?

My expectation is to bless souls. I believe when people listen to it, they will be blessed. I want it to heal broken hearts and homes.

How was growing up?

It was interesting. I was brought up by parents who spared no cost to give their children the best. I grew up in a very comfortable setting.

Do you see yourself doing a collabo with a circular artiste?

I don’t think it will be possible. Ministry is quite different from what we are looking at. Ministry is going out there to touch souls. I don’t see myself bringing in circular artistes to duet with me.

How do you get inspiration for your songs?

They come from all around me. Seeing people who love and support what I do is inspiring. It brings that joy and flow when I write.

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