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‘You want me to cry? I almost died!’- Ngozi Nwosu as she recalls low moments of her sickness

FAIR skinned Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu has every reason to continue thanking her Maker.  After surviving an ailment that almost snatched her from the industry, she has fully recovered and back to work.  She spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly about life after her ordeal.

We thank God for your life and health.  How are you health wise now?

I should leave that question to you.  We have been sitting down here for a while gisting.  You should determine if I am okay or not.

ngozi 1-Fullscreen capture 8272015 15416 PMCan you recall some lessons you learnt from your previous experience?

I prefer not to talk about it.  It is better imagined than discussed.  When things happen to you, that is when you know who your friends are.  That is when you know if there is God.  That is when you know people that want you dead.  That is when you know people who will stand by you. I have been able to see all that.

To God be the glory, great things He has done in my life.  I will continue to thank Him.  It has been awesome.

Can you recall what the ailment cost you financially and otherwise?

I don’t want to talk about it, you will make me cry.  This is somebody who almost died.  The governor had to come to her aid.  It is better imagined than talked about.

If you are to advise artistes based on your experience, what advice would you give them?

It is not only my colleagues but all human.  There is a time to rest.  There is a time for everything.  Whatever you do from beginning till the end and there is no rest, of course you will break down.  As an ordinary person, not to talk about our profession.  Take time to rest.  When something is wrong with you, endeavour to go to the hospital and check it out.  Some of us have this knack for, I am just a bit under the weather, I just need rest.  You keep on taking it in and neglecting it.  What you are feeling is a warning.  Irrespective of the fact that we are all pursuing money, I will ask, if you get the money, what will be its essence if you don’t take care of your health?  Who will use the money?  They wouldn’t bury you with wealth.  Health is wealth.  Take time to take care of your health.  There are people who want to wear the best designer clothes yet, they can’t take care of their health.  I don’t think that is wise decision.

Will you say the experience has brought you really closer to your God?

Before I got sick, I was really close to God.  I am still close to God and will continue to be close to Him.  My sickness only told me that, He is the I am that I am.  I am the apple of His eyes.

Do you still go for medical check up?

Definitely yes, once in a while.

What are the things you have placed a restraining order on because of your health?

For me, there is nothing I have restricted except the things I was told not to do by the doctor.  There is nothing. My life has been as it is, except for age.  You must restrict yourself from certain things as you grow old without you being told.

What about your work load?

I have never been someone who works till daybreak.  No, it is not part of me.  If you ask people in the industry, they will tell you about Ngozi. If I finish a job today and get another one tomorrow, I will tell the producer my convenient time of working.  If it is okay, I go for the job.  If not, the producer will find someone else.  I have found out that, jumping from set to set will not only tell on your health, character wise, you will deteriorate.  When you watch most of your colleagues, you will notice that they are unable to shift from this character to another because they are used to jumping from one set to another.  The character they played on the last set has not fizzled out before they take up another character.  I believe what is for me is for me.  When I finish one, I rest before another.

What is the government doing for artistes as regards their state of health?

The government?  We have heath schemes all over.  It is all about the artiste choosing one. But a lot of people have nonchalant attitude towards their health.  Apart from health insurance, you have to be mindful of what you do with yourself.  Caution is the word.  You are what you eat.

What will happen to Fuji House of Commotion now that its originator is no more?

Fuji House is there.  Amaka (Igwe) might be resting but Fuji House will soon be back.

You are making an appearance in Fair Prince’s video, Thank you Part 2. How does it feel?

Fair Prince is a friend of mine.  It is a pleasure working with him.  One thing about him is that, he listens to suggestions.  I made an observation about his first video and he took it as a friend.

What are your expectations as he shoots the video?

Something better than the first.  When you do something for the first time, you will learn and correct your mistakes.  Then, the second will be a lot better.

How will you describe Thank you Part 1?

It is nice but you know, being the first, that I will see him do.  There are places I didn’t agree with.

Can you tell us the works you have featured in this year?

I have lost count of jobs I have done.  It is so much.  Let me just say about five or six. I wouldn’t tell you about the current one until everything is set.  I have a programme coming up on air soon.

People are complaining a lot about the state of the industry, what do you have to say?

The industry needs re-shufflement.  There will come a time you have to remove the chaff from the wheat.  I think the industry is going through that phase now.  For some, it will be rosy.  For others, it wouldn’t. Everything needs to blend.




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