Nollywood actress Princess Chineke speaks on fight with fellow actress Crystabel

Nollywood actress, Princess Chineke, has reportedly been attacked by up and coming actress, Crystabel Goddy , over allegation of late night calls to lesbian partner. The actresses, while on location in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos state for a popular soap opera on Friday, February 12, 2016, were involved in a heated argument which landed them in a messy tussle.

Princess was paired with Crystabel in an undisclosed hotel. On Friday night, February 12, 2016, on set of a movie. Princess Chineke said she had warned her that the calls disturbed her sleep.

When they were about going to bed on the said night, the ladies was said to have argued and in the cause of that, Crystabel slapped Princess bit off the skin on her thigh during an argument.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with Princess on Thursday, February 18, 2016, concerning her issue with Crystabel, and she told us what caused the fight and more.


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Tell us what happened?

I came in late to camp, the hotel rooms were full so, I was asked to share a room with her. Few nights she stayed in, she was always making mid night calls. So, I asked her to go out of the room or make the calls in the toilet with the doors locked.

The other night she made calls at 1am putting the caller on speaker. Hearing a male voice from sleep, I woke up thinking a guy was in the room only to discover it was her putting her caller on speaker. I complained to the management they said they will get another room for me but there was no room after the previous day’s shoot.

I told her she was disturbing me. She insulted me so we exchanged words. I ended up sleeping on set the next day. When I got back to the hotel, I had my bath laid down on the bed. She said she wanted my space. She called the production manager saying they should throw me out. I’m not supposed to be in the project and the hotel. I said the way she was brought in, I came in as well.

She insulted my family, I told her she had no right to decide who is on a job or not, it’s not her father’s job! She pounced on my lap with her teeth. She hit me before I could hit back, the men separated us. She said check your leg see what I did to you? I didn’t feel the pain until I went to pee. I saw she ripped my washed pants in the bath room.

I pulled the pyjamas and saw a chunk of my flesh and showed it to everyone who ran to the room. The management took me to another hotel, then hospital to make sure I was properly treated.

Who provoked who?

She insulted my family.

Was there beef between you and Crystabel before that time?

To me there was nothing. I only asked her to make her midnight calls in the bathroom or outside the hotel room and come in when she is done. Not until after the incident she said I’m ugly, my breast is ugly, that I’m envying her new skin glow. I was surprised she had all that in mind.

What is the latest on the incident?

The case is in court, not just against me, against the state for assaulting the police officer and refusing arrest. She changed her name in police station and court. The case is now commissioner of police versus Crystabel Goddy/Amaka Robert.

What do you plan to do, are you going to sue her for assault?

I decided to let the case go. I didn’t tell my family to avoid being tagged a mummy’s girl. I know she wont take it lightly if she finds out, which mother won’t, having been her only child for 20 something years. Unfortunately, she found out when the story went viral and came over.

Are you treating yourself?


Are you responding to treatment?

No. Doctor insist I have bed rest and change all my medication to another new set for healing.

What are you working on presently?

I’m receiving treatment and resting for recovery. My mom is insisting on taking me for prayers.

How was 2015 for you?

2015 is gone.

What are your plans for 2016?

Have a bright picture ahead for 2016. For now this is not the picture I have for 2016. I just feel the latter will be better. Can’t resume work until I’m properly healed, physically and emotionally and conclude my prayers.




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