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‘My boobs are my unique selling point’ – UK BASED  ACTRESS,  DAMI-ANN

Damilola Alabi, better addressed as Dami-Ann, is a Nollywood star based in the United Kingdom. She is also the Publicity Secretary, Movies Producers Association, Nollywood, UK, a television presenter and a legal practitioner. Since she started her acting career years back, she has not looked back. The Ondo born lawyer cum entertainer has produced quite a number of movies, including The Rubicion, Temilorun, Sinmi and Mystified and has acted in countless movies home and abroad.


In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly a couple of days back when we corned her at an event in Ikeja, Lagos, the pretty role interpreter spoke on many issues revolving around her life and career and much more.


How would you describe your career at the moment?

My career is fine. I will say everything is working out fine and far better than ever before. My life, generally is progressing. I give God the glory for everything.

What’re you putting together for your fans, home and abroad?

Like I said, I am doing fine in my career. I thank God for that. I just completed two of my jobs – Mystified, an English movie and Sinmi, a Yoruba one. Mystified was directed by Best Okodua while Sinmi was directed by Paul Bogunde.

Also, I have acted in quite a number of movies since I have been around. So, I have been busy all through since I came back home.

We learnt you have been in Nigeria since January?

(Cuts in) Yes, that’s true.

But we thought you would be here for months as usual, why are you still in Nigeria now?

No, this is just a partial come back to Nigeria so that I can face my career as an actress and a movie maker squarely. I also act and make films there but it’s very different from practice here because Lagos is the centre of Nollywood. It will really have an impact on my career. It will help build my experience as a Nollywood person. Though, I call it a partial return to Nigeria but I am here for work. So, that’s the reason I am still around.

Since you came to Nigeria, what significant impact has that had on your career?

It has made a lot of impact because, like I said, I have produced two movies and acted in quite a number of movies as well, including Ife Ipa, Inspe Meta, Cross Love and others.

It’s obvious that being here is the way to go because I have been able to meet many people, network, made friends who can help me move forward in my career.

But now, many of your colleagues are saying movies are no longer selling, due to the activities of pirates. Are you not scared of producing movies amid these challenges?

You hear from some people that movies are selling and you also hear from some other people that movies are not selling. So, which side do I belong now? As for me, I want to be on the side of the people saying movies are selling. I want my own movies to be on the side of the movies that are selling and I will do everything I can to make sure my movies sell by the special grace of God.

Most movies now go to cinemas first, are your movies also qualified for that?

Yes, of course. That is part of my plan. By the middle of this year, my English movie, Mystified should definitely be in the cinemas.

How much did you invest in the two movies?

I would rather not say how much I have invested in the movies, but by the special grace of God, I have investors who believe in the dream. It’s all a collective effort, I would say.

Can you unveil the identities of the investors? And who are they to you?

I don’t think they would want their names mentioned. I would say they’re people behind the camera. They won’t like their faces to be known. So, let me just keep that to myself. But I appreciate them for their sincere contribution to the growth and development of my career.

How much would you say the movies had gulped?

It’s certain, shooting a movie   now is a lot of money, let alone two movies. So, a lot of money had gone into the two productions. When you see the movies, you too can guess how much we spent on them.

Where were the movies shot?

They were shot in Lagos and Ibadan, Oyo State.

Who are the stars in the movies?

In Mystified, we have Kenneth Okoli, Shirley Igwe, myself and several others. In Sinmi, we have myself – Dami-Ann, Yewande Adekoya, Afeez Eniola, Adeniyi Johnson, Khadijat Adeola, Tobi Abraham, Taiwo Ibikunle and others.

Let’s go a little private, how is your love life at the moment?

Yes, my love life is very interesting and active at the moment. I feel happy and contented about it.

You have been in Nigeria for a while now. No doubt, a lot of men would have made advances to you, how do you cope with that?

All I would say is that, every woman gets that. But it all depends on how you handle it. I am a very friendly person. So, I handle every man around me friendly and politely.

Can you tell us about your unique selling point?

What people are telling me or what I think? I said this because some people have told me my eyes are my unique selling point, while some said my lips are very sexy. But left to me, I will say my boobs are my unique selling point (laughs).



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