‘My heart is in showbiz’ -Nuella Njubigbo

BEAUTIFUL actress and model, Nuella Njubigbo is currently doing well in Nollywood.  On Thursday, August 5, 2010, ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her at Ikeja, Lagos.  The Anambra State born actress who read Public Administration at Imo State University spoke on her career and life.



When exactly did you start acting?

I started in 2007.

Tell us some of the movies you’ve featured in.

I featured in Arch Angel, When Kings Decide, Evil Manipulations, Pride of A Princess, Lord of Marriage, Life’s Incidence, Royal Destiny and so many others.

Which movie brought you into limelight?

Royal Destiny.

How challenging has it been since you started?

It has not been too bad, but very challenging.  I have overcome them, I see them as what I have to go through to be where I am today and I give glory to God Almighty for all He has done in my life.

You are a graduate of Public Administration, why did you abandon that for acting?

That is where my heart is.  Where your heart is, there your mind would be. My heart is in showbiz, I just wanted to be on screen. I believe that is where God created me to be.  He created me to be seen by people.  I might still go back to practice, but for now, I love where I am.

You were recently given awards in South Africa and Nigeria as the Best Newcomer, how does this make you feel?

I feel very great and happy for the awards.  I am glad for being the rave of the moment in the industry and I give thanks to God.  It’s like a dream come true.  I feel elated.  It shows that my work is being appreciated.  It’s one thing to work hard and another thing to be appreciated, for people to feel and see your hard work.  I am happy that my hard work hasn’t been in vain.

Who is your role model in the industry?

Genevieve Nnaji, I love everything about her.

In the next five years where do you see yourself?

I see myself on top, internationally.  I see myself as a wonderful, beautiful mother and a lovely wife.

What type of script would you never accept?

I would never accept any script where I have to show all parts of my body or a script that I don’t feel the storyline.  If I don’t have the passion for a character, if the character doesn’t make me feel good, I would not do it because I have to love a character for me to give my best.

What would you never do for love?

I would never die for love, I won’t kill myself for love.

What kind of clothes are you comfortable in?

I love very casual wears.

What fashion item can you not do without?

I cannot do without my sun shade.

Are you a designer freak?

Not really, I just love wearing good things not necessarily designers.

Tell us about your love life.

I am in a relationship.  There is nothing much to say, just that I am in a relationship and I’m in love with my man.  We are very happy together.

What are the qualities that endeared you to him?

He is honest, he takes and sees me the way I am.  He doesn’t see me as an actress, he is always himself, understanding and caring.

nuella2So, when will the wedding bell ring?

I don’t know about that but for now, I am happy.

Has he proposed?

No, not yet.

When was the first time you had sex and what was the experience like?

(Laughs) Who told you I’ve had sex before?

Are you saying you are a virgin?

I don’t know, I am not saying that.  It is my husband that can answer that question.  So, wait till I am married, then you will know.

What’s your favourite colour?

I love bright colours.

Can you recall your happiest moment?

I have experienced so many happy moments, but the recent one that I can recall was the day I was given the award, the Best New Actress.

You usually play love roles, has there been any one that almost led to a relationship?

Playing love roles in movies could lead to a relationship if you want it.  Not when you are not interested.  If it happens, that means you are going to be in love with everybody you act with.  It’s just a job, it is a make believe world, nothing more.

What else do you do when you are not acting?

I write and travel a lot.

You used to be a model, why did you leave that for acting?

I haven’t left, it’s just that I haven’t devoted enough of my time to it because acting has taken most of my time.  If it comes and it’s worth it, I will still do it.

Tell us more about yourself.

My name is Nuella Njubigbo.  I am from a family of five, the only girl and first child of my parents. I am a graduate of Imo State University where I studied Public Administration, but my primary school was in Surulere, Lagos while my secondary school was in FGC, Owerri.





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