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‘Why I left AIT for NTA’ – Seun Olagunju

EBONY skinned Seun Olagunju quit Africa Independent Television (AIT) for Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) months back.  According to her, the decision to throw in the towel was because of a brighter and better opportunity that came her way. In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she told us her experience as a broadcaster and how she is coping with her new place of work.

We learnt you have resigned your appointment with AIT for NTA.  How true is it?

Yes, it is true. It is about three months now.

Seun-Olagunju-gives-birthSometime back, some people were laid off in AIT and the assumption is that you were part of them?

No, I wasn’t laid off. I left just three months ago and no staffer was laid off at that time.

So, what informed your decision to leave?

Nothing. It wasn’t that I was sacked. I got a better offer so I decided to move on.  After all, I didn’t start my career in AIT, so I don’t think there is any big deal about leaving.  I left for something bigger and better.

How many years did you spend in AIT as a broadcaster and what was the experience?

I spent 13 years and I can say that I was fulfilled working there.  It was quite memorable and interesting and at times challenging.  Challenging in the sense that we all meet hurdles on our way, whether at work or in our personal endeavours.

What is the difference now that you are in NTA?

It is a government parastatal, I can’t say much about it.

What are the specific challenges as a broadcaster at NTA?

There is no difference, it is still a broadcast service.  The only difference is that one is private and the other is public.  The challenge as a broadcaster is the same, irrespective of the broadcast station.  The good thing is that I am still within the broadcasting service.

So, which station were you posted to?

I am in the headquarters in Abuja.

What’s your personal relationship with the management of AIT after your resignation from their establishment?

I left there on a friendly note, we didn’t quarrel.  I just had to move on, so that is not an issue.  We will still relate on a friendly and cordial note.

This story was first published in Encomium Weekly on Tuesday, November 2, 2010



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