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Gospel artiste Eben talks about marriage and fatherhood

Gospel afro rock artiste, Eben got married two years ago to a fellow gospeller, Jahdiel. They are blessed with a boy.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him on 10 years as an artiste, his collaboration with Fair Prince and sundry issues…


It’s been 10 years as an artiste. How will you describe the journey so far?

It has been amazing, awesome. God has been good to us. It has been from glory to glory. We are still here, kicking strong, doing things for God, it has been an honour.

10 years down the line, what has kept you going?

It is all about blessing someone. I am blessed with a coat of many colours. I may be here today and there tomorrow. If it is about blessing people, then, I am part of it.

Why the choice of afro rock?

I wanted to be different from every other person. Uniqueness sells. I don’t like following the crowd. I like to be me all the time.

The first time I heard your song, I thought you chose that genre because of your baritone voice?

Like I said, I am blessed with a coat of many colours. Depending on the song I want to sing, I work myself to be it. Your voice is a character, you can wear any character you want, depending on the genre. If you listen to my music, the voice is still there. It has always been there and will continue to be.

How is marriage treating you?

Beautiful, I am blessed with a resourceful wife, lovely woman and a wonderful son. This is our second year. It has been awesome. Thank God, I made the right choice.

Since you got married, we have not heard any of her music, why?

She has so many good works coming. If you are around our locality, you would have started experiencing her. She is coming out really strong. She is blessed, she is talented. She is not a flash in the pan. Once it is there, it is there.

She took time to have our baby, she is coming out with a couple of things very soon.

How soon is that?

In a couple of months, in two months precisely.

Will you say you miss being single?

6God commented about unity for our advantage. One shall chase a thousand, two shall chase 10 thousand. If you were blessed as a single man, you do not know the advantage of being blessed as a married man.

You will think you are doing fine as a single but, when God blesses you with a good spouse, it will be beyond your wildest imagination. That is the truth.

What attracted you to her?

Her heart for God. She is very hard working. She is resourceful.

How did your path and her’s cross?

We met in the course of duty. I met her in the studio, that is why people must work. When God created Adam, it was work He gave him first before he gave him a wife. Find a job, maybe you will see clearly where you are working.

We became friends after meeting in the studio, here we are today.

How are you rocking fatherhood?

It is amazing, it is really amazing to look at someone who is your prototype, seeing a mini me. There is nothing like it. When they look at you and shout ‘daddy’ it is really amazing.

What is the best thing about being a father?

It is good that you have someone to model, so that, your mistake is not duplicated in another life. If your children face the challenges you faced, you have failed. Being a father is like having a second opportunity to put something right.

To be able to look at someone and say, I influenced this life, it is a good thing.

What are you working on career wise?

Tours, videos, you cannot stop working. If you are lucky to catch me in any of our latest events, you will experience the multi talent God has given me. We are working.

How does it feel working with Fair Prince?

It is amazing. Well organized, well resourced, good to work with him.

How long have you known him?

It is not how long but how well.

How are you coping with piracy and the music industry?

We are breaking even. God is faithful. It is a blessing to have something that some one can steal. We are breaking even.


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