HID Awolowo’s neighbours pay glowing tributes (2)


Mrs. Margaret Omobowole Ariyo, lives directly opposite the Awolowo’s compound.


For how long have you been living here?

More than 40 years.

How will you describe HID Awolowo?

She was a nice and important person.  She was somebody you always recommend to people.  She was the mother of the youths.  She was a mother that always advice people.  She does not backbite anybody.  There is no time we will not remember Mama.  When there is no water in town, we go to her house to fetch water.  Mama will not drive you away from her compound not to fetch water.  That is where we get our water.  May God bless her soul.

In the past 15 years, we have been doing fellowship in her house.  Mama had an idea.  All of us who are young women, Mama will call us aside and advice us not to be arrogant to our husbands.  We should not be rude and stubborn to our husbands, that we should be patient with our husbands.  That the fact that we have money is not enough to be rude and arrogant to our husbands.  That we should see her as an example.  We got useful advice from her that we applied to our lives.  I thank her and pray that God grant her eternal rest.

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