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Hinton village moves to stop rampant outdoor sex

A village in the United Kingdom, Cotswold Way in Hinton, near Bristol is making moves to stop people from engaging in outdoor sex.

Dyrham and Hinton Parish Council chair Kerry Sawyer said the practice had been going on for years, “on a daily basis”.

And now the local parish council has decided to erect signposts in the village discouraging such act even as the Council chair, Kerry has implored anyone witnessing “outdoor sex” to report it to the police.

Angela Gent, who runs a hotel business in the area, said she had spotted three incidents recently.
She said two of them led to her calling the police because sexual activity had been taking part in full view, next to the road.

“It’s been notorious for years…people either find it funny or choose to ignore it or they don’t feel they’ll get listened to or anything will get done.”


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