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How long we abstained from sex – Couples reveal intimate bedroom secrets (2)

Sex is an integral part of a relationship, and couples shouldn’t deny each other the pleasure that comes with it. sampled opinions of married couples on how long they have abstained from sex.

And here are their responses:


Niyi Oloni

I have stopped counting days, I can’t bother my wife again. She has been the breadwinner of the family since the beginning of the year. I dare not ask her for sex, she has even warned me about it. It would be up to five months now. I can’t complain. Until I can take up my responsibilities as the breadwiner of the family, I can’t demand for sex.



Maybe about six months now. Things have been so tough that the least thing on my mind is sex. My wife does not complain either, we both know what is happening in Nigeria. I think our mental state has made it impossible for the urge to even come.



Two weeks ago. We don’t deny each other except maybe if one of us is not around. Since we are married, I don’t know why we would give room for infidelity. Sex is an important part of marriage. Men can’t do without it, it is not nice to deny them. That can push any man outside the home.



That should be two nights ago. My husband can’t do without it in  a week, once he does not travel

That was one of the things we discussed before we got married, we have agreed to enjoy that aspect of our lives. I know the state of things in the country can take one’s mind off it once in a while, but as husband and wife, we shouldn’t give room to it.



Last year November. My wife has practically gone on leave. She doesn’t allow me touch her, she is always complaining that she is tired. Sometimes, she will tell me I am shameless because I have not paid for this or that. We would just laugh over it, and that is the end.



Four months ago. My wife is hardly in the mood, she is always complaining. So most times, I let her be. I am already used to it . With the way the country is now, one should just be careful so as not to be depressed.



The longest time we have abstained from sex is one month, and there is no reason really for that. Maybe we just wanted to abstain for a while, I can’t quite remember. I used to advise couples to keep their sex life active so as not to give room for cheating.





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