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‘How our spouses initiate the most passionate sex’ – intimate bedroom secrets

Some couples shy away from initiating sex, even when they long for that sexual intimacy with their partners like never before. 

Here are some interesting ways you can initiate sex and keep your partner asking for more as our respondents revealed…


Sunday Awoyeni

There are different ways she does that, especially if she is in the mood. Usually when she wants to go to sleep, she just tells me good night and off she goes. But that day, she sat beside me and said, “Baby, I am tired and I need to go to bed now and she gave me a very fantastic kiss.” She stood up and left but looked back and smiled at me. I couldn’t resist the rest, and we ended up having a fantastic night.


Comfort Akin

At times, I sleep naked, take a hot shower, use a scented night cream and slip under the sheet. He came into the room and perceived the scent. He was wondering what was happening at first until she opened the sheet and noticed I was naked and that was it.


Korode Akinsolu

He traveled for two weeks and when he came, I had prepared a special dish, prepared a hot bath for him. And before he knew it, we both got to the bath tub. I bathed him, wrapped him up and we ended up in bed. He still says it till today that it was the best moment he had with me and longs for more of it.


Kenny Abike

We play a lot, all manner of play. We usually send the children to their room when we want to play. That particular night was just so different, it was as if we just got married. It was fun and I asked her for sex and she obliged.


Kunle Olutayo

She gave me a call while I was at work about having a bad day at work, and I encouraged her. I promised to pick her up after the close of work which I did. I had bought food for the house at an eatery, I served the children and took them to bed while I told them not to disturb us.

She was almost in tears in her room. I took the food, plates and all we needed to the room and locked the door. I gave her a hug and helped her undress. I didn’t even have sex in mind that night but just wanted to be there for her. I undressed her, dressed her in her night wear and served her, while I undressed too so as to eat. We ate and I cuddled her in my hands. We ended up spending the next day together in the room. I had to call her boss to tell her she wasn’t feeling fine. Meanwhile, she was all naked beside me.


Omotunde Omololu

I don’t do anything in particular, but there is a habit I am used to that he says get him in the mood.

I love walking naked in my room. My door is usually locked except he wants to come in. It was at night and I had a bath, started preparing for the next day in my usual habit of being naked. When he came to the room, he was just staring at me.

Before I knew it, he was also naked and one thing led to the other. It happened the next day, two days later and I stopped walking naked. My husband started complaining that I have changed.


Iyabo Ajayi

He simply drops a note for me in our bedroom instructing me to get set for the night. He writes it in such a way that even if I am tired, my mood would change immediately.


Toyin Nelson

I don’t do anything out of place, I just sleep in his hands, which is a position I love. But my husband has mistaken that for initiating sex.


Bisi Patrick

He usually has his bath every night. Once I am in the mood, I give him a massage and ensure I touch all the necessary places. You know men now, they enjoy that a lot. He asks for massages every night now.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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