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How to know the liar between Tonto Dikeh and husband

The accounts of Tonto Dikeh and her husband of 17 months, Olakunle Churchill, in the messy union both of them have brought to public space, are as different as they are irreconcilable.

The parents of one year old King Andre spoke to mediaroomhub’s Azuka Ogujiuba, and narrated different tales of drug and alcohol abuse, battery and humiliation, vandalism and fraud.
So, who’s telling tall tales between the actress and businessman?
Here are the areas to check for who’s embellishing the stories:
1. The serial domestic violence left broken ribs and miscarriages from her account, but never happened, according to him.
So, there must be pictures and medical records of the broken ribs, the surgery to treat her and the reports of the miscarriages.
We have to remove 9 months of pregnancy of King Andre from the 17-month liaison.  And we have 10 months of repeated battery.
2. We need pictures of the vandalism he tabulated at over N60 million.
Apart from the corroboration of Ghana Police which indicted Tonto Dikeh of causing damages put at $20,000, there must be pictures.
3. The treatment of sexually transmitted diseases also need medical report.
Churchill was labelled a womaniser who infected his estranged wife.
So, what kind of STDs was he ferrying about? When did these infections happen in the relationship? Where was the couple treated?
4. Since Olakunle Churchill and Roseline Meurer have denied a relationship, where and how did she get her Land Cruiser?
She needs to produce a receipt and tell us the acting and modelling jobs that provided the money for her jeep.
5. He accused her of drug and alcohol abuse, but she tendered a medical report that she was free from substances.
Are the reports fake?
6. If indeed she committed so much damage in Ghana put at $20,000 before the traditional marriage, why did he go ahead?
Why stay with a woman fond of damaging property?
7. Before now, he was looking for reconciliation, so why come up with these accusations now?
Is it because reconciliation failed? Because she said she has already moved on?
8. Why stay in a union where the man is a fraudster?
This accusation appears like an after-thought.
Why live with a crook for so long and only come out after this disagreement?



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