‘I am single and searching’ – Music act, Tomiwa Sholaru

Tomiwa Sholaru, popularly referred to as KingsQueens, is a graduate of History and International Relations of Lagos State University. She is greatly concerned about the kind of music being released into the market, hence her incursion into the industry to provide quality music for the next generation which she believes is the endangered species.. 

20140626_075438How did music start for you?

I started at a very tender age. I’ve always loved music. It was something that was just there. When something is inside of you, you will just tap into it naturally. So, music has been part of me since childhood. I love music, l love dancing.

How many years have you been in the industry?

l have a girl group called the Rare Gems. We actually came out with a demo on radio and we have also been featured in a couple of magazines. I can say l have been in the music industry for well over 20 years.

When did you decide to pick it up commercially?

This year. Before now, l used to sing in gatherings, functions, weddings, birthdays and the rest.

Would it be right to say you are like Ara, the female musician who does oriki and plays Yoruba talking drums?

In some ways, yes, because of the Afrocentric method we do our things. But l am my own self. My style of gift is peculiar to me. People will have their opinions. They would say she sounds like Ara, some have even said l look like Mo’cheddah, some said l look like Brandy. People will always have their opinions, but l am my own self and l want to be unique. l want to stand out, l want to be known for what l do.

Can you briefly tell us about your background?

My name is Tomiwa Solaru. l am from lperu Remo in Ogun State, the fifth of six girls. l studied History and international Relations at the Lagos State University. l love good music and I’m passionate about the coming generation. I believe we should be able to pass to the next generation a value worth emulating.

Talking about values, do you subscribe to these dancehall music played on our airwaves?

All those songs don’t represent the right values. They are not encouraging, in the sense that if you think of the children, what they are copying from the music and the negative values they imbibe in them, they are damaging to our value system. Good songs should be able to stand the test of time and teach the young ones morals.

Most young ladies prefer these dancehall music, why are you different?

I am of the generation of the very early part of 1980’s. So, l think l belong to the older generation, and we have values handed over to us and we are still holding on to these values. Part of my main goal is to preserve these values and pass it on to the next generation. Life is supposed to be trans-generational. Some people have parents who have billions of naira and they passed it to them and they keep passing it on. Great companies in America are trans-generational. They keep passing it on from generation to generation, so if it’s values my parents passed on to me. l should be responsible enough to safe guide them and pass it to my children.

What is the title of this single and is it enjoying mention on the airwaves?

The title is Ife Otito. Yes, it’s enjoying airtime, it’s on Lagos State Television, Africa Independent Television, and also on Nigezie and I am trusting it will go beyond our shores. It’s also on Beat FM and a couple of other radio stations and even on Owerri FM. I thank God so far and l trust Him for more openings.

Who are your audience or do you cut across both old and new generations?

l cut across all generations and l think the best thing that can happen to an individual is to be able to evaluate yourself correctly and l thank God that l grew up in such a way that I’m able to evaluate myself. l know what l have and how to channel it for people to appreciate it. That is why l said my expression is multi dimensional, l can sing in the congregation of elderly people and l can also perform well with the youths and the kids. so l think l cut across every generation.

Who are your role models in the music industry?

I have a couple of them. l admire Asa, Onyeka Onwenu and also Sinachi. These are the female singers l cherish, especially Onyeka. l listened to her a lot while growing up. She inspired us when growing up.

Who produces your songs?

He is Kayode Omotade, a music genius. He did this second single for me just like the first and l intend to start promoting my first single after this one. He is also called K Sound. Look out for him and you won’t be disappointed.

Are you presently in any relationship?

Presently, no.

Are you searching?

Of course, I am searching. He should be the one searching for me really. So, I’m waiting to be found. It’s a man that finds and not the other way round or we both find ourselves.

What type of costume do you prefer, is it the ones that show your cleavages or the ones that are modest?

My stage name is Kings Queens, so my outlook, the perception of me should be regal. l believe every woman should be a queen in her own world. So, you have to dress to fit who you think you are.

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