‘I don port’ crooner HAFIZ OYETORO itemizes what he would miss about his late father

MTN brand ambassador, Hafiz Oyetoro lost his aged father, Mr. Dauda Ibigbami Adeyemo Adio Oyetoro on Saturday, January 18, 2014.  He died as a result of old age in his hometown, Iseyin, Oyo State.  He was aged 98 years.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the talented actor about the life and times of his father and what he will miss about him.


Accept our condolence on the demise of your father.

Thank you very much.

How and when did it happen?

It happened on Saturday, January 18, 2014, in his home. He died as a result of old age.  I got a call from my sister while I was away in Abuja.  My sister complained that he wasn’t talking again.  So, I instructed them to get the family doctor to come over to the house and check him.  About two hours later, I got another call and was told he had passed on.  Usually, my sister and other people will go to his room to greet him, but that day, he didn’t respond.

Was he sick at any time before passing on?

He was not sick, it was old age. He could barely move around again.  He stayed indoor most times, he didn’t give us any problem at all.

What will you miss about him?

His simplicity, every day advice about taking life easy and working hard.  My father was a family man, he will call everybody during Ileya festival to come and eat.  He was a very good man.

Any regret about his passage?

My only regret is that as at the time I have little resources to take care of him, he was too old.  I couldn’t do all what I planned for him.  My father sacrificed a lot for us. He was building his house when me and my brother wanted to go to the university.  He had to stop the project so that we could go to school.

What fond memories of his do you still hold dear to your heart?

I always remember what he told me while we were working on the farm one day.  I saw an aeroplane flying and told him that one day, I will be part of the passengers in the plane.   He asked me why and told me not to dream of becoming a passenger but the pilot of the plane.  Since then, I changed my mentality and strived to be the best in all I do.

How will you describe him?

My father was a peaceful and simple man. He was caring and hard working. He loved everybody around him.  He was also a funny man.

You broke down during the funeral, why?  You should be happy that he lived long?

Yes, I broke down.  I cried.  I couldn’t hold it again.  At first, I was the one comforting my siblings to take it easy.  I go home regularly and he used to pray for me and all that.  I just remembered all those things and couldn’t hold back the tears.

What was he into before he passed on?

He was a farmer but when age came knocking, he had to stop farming.

How old was he?

He was 98.

What about your mother?

My mom is still alive.  It was a great challenge to break the news to her.  My mom is also close to 90.  She is much more active than daddy.

Tell us the people left to mourn him.

We are supposed to be 11 but four died.  We are now seven, my elder sister is in Lagos.  I am now the eldest son.

What about the burial arrangements?

The family will still meet to decide that.  We are meeting over the weekend.  He even specifically told us not to do anything elaborate whenever he passed on.


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