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‘I only focus on my work and my son now’ – 9ice’s estranged wife, TONI PAYNE

THE estranged wife of 9ice, Toni Payne, has informed ENCOMIUM Weekly that she is not in any relationship and that all she cares about now is her son, Zion.

She disclosed this during a chat at a promotional event for sonorous artist, Adol, at Crescendo, Oduduwa Crescent on Saturday, March 19, 2011.  She also informed us about her relationship with music producer, ID Cabasa, her concepts and more.


Tell us how you met Adol.

I met him at a magazine launch.  He came there to perform and I fell in love with his voice.  So, I called him with some of the other ones that were already with me so that we could start something together.

So, how would you describe him?

He is a very quiet guy, very focused.  He is someone who knows what he wants in life.  But the most important thing that I like about him is that he is very talented.  Not just because he can sing, it’s his God given talent.  Anyone that has heard him knows he can sing very well.

You are his manager and you want him to succeed, how do you intend to fight piracy being the most challenging part of marketing music?

Only God can fight piracy.  There is nothing much we can do about it in Nigeria as it has become a devastating object in our industry. But we will try and do what we can do about it.

We understand that Olumide is a product with Coded Tunes, but you are managing him. Can you tell us the relationship between you and ID Cabasa?

Coded Tunes is Olamide’s record label, we are just his management company. ID Cabasa and I are like family relations, he is a big brother to me.

Toni-PayneHow have you been promoting the talents under your management?

They are already at the next level, but it is a gradual process for me and the artists under my management.  They are guys that have God given talents.  I don’t really have the power to promote anybody, all I do is just to lead them to where God has destined them to be in life.  God is the only one that can elevate.

What advice do you normally give the artists under your company?

I tell them to keep focused, believe in themselves and work harder, because nothing good comes easy.  Though it may seem rough at the beginning, it will definitely become a happy ending.

How do you normally handle scandals?

I don’t pray for scandals, but if it comes, we try to know if it is worth it, then do our own part by sending our press releases to say our part either to deny or stop it.

Tell us more about Toni Payne’s Concept.

Toni Payne’s Concept is a management company.  We do beauty, fashion and music.  We are just trying to create opportunity out of a dream that needs to be actualised.  I always say it that talents must not be hidden.  So, I see myself as someone whom God has put in a place to assist those with talents in so many ways they intend to grow.

You have so many things to do with this concept, so how do you relax?

I don’t relax.  I only sleep at night. I have a son that I stay with.  I always play with him when I’m around.  I use those times with him to relax.

Let’s take a peep into your private life, what has been happening to you?

I don’t have a private life anymore, all I do now is work, work and work. I have no time for issues that concern my private life, I only focus on my work and my son who I am so passionate about now.

Where do you see Adol in the next three years?

I see him moving higher.  If you have heard his voice before, you will agree with me that he is a talent who has a lot to offer for a very long time.  He would still be the best.  He has an award winning voice, we only need to keep focused and see what we can do to get him to where he belongs in life.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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