‘I leave my antagonists in the Hand of my Maker’ -TONI PAYNE

Toni Payne

Toni Payne

The last cannot be said to have been heard or seen concerning the crashed relationship between Abolore Akande Alapomeji famously known as 9ice and his estranged wife, Toni Payne, as the latter has started making some moves, suggesting the likelihood of the two reconciling very soon cannot be ruled-out.

This was evident from the post by the functional entertainment diva’s blog (, which indicated that both of them are still on talking terms, while she also admitted that both were responsible for the collapse of the union that produced a child, Zion, who is now 5.

Some of the posts gathered by ENCOMIUM Weekly are…

To those who still believe I cheated on my ex. I am sorry to disappoint you, I never cheated on my ex hubby. It’s not who I am, it will never be who I am. Tell yourself 1 million times, Toni Payne cheated, it will never make it true. Nobody caught me in any lie, or in any bad situation, nobody slept with anyone he was close to. Y’all need to put a full stop to that bulls**t. It’s old!

Sometimes, men want their freedom, and the fact is you can’t force them to stay. Same goes for women. Everyone won’t have a perfect relationship, not everyone will stay married forever, we can only aspire to. Even those that have been married 10 years and are busy judging others, do you know your tomorrow? Naaaa you sure don’t. So curb it abeg. We can only pray, work, and hope for a good union.

Anyway, to address this my ex said this or that issue. Let me just say He has never for once opened his mouth to accuse me of cheating. He has never for once opened his mouth to accuse me of sleeping with anyone he knows. If awon alaiye baje wanna use our situation then to sell their crap, how is that my fault?

The same media controlling the remote to say I think cheating is ok, are the same who controlled the remote back then to say his song was about me.

Nobody ever called him to verify or ask before publishing. I’ll admit that we both did not handle the situation well back then, It was the first time we would experience such. The tension was plenty and emotions were everywhere. We should have sorted it privately. which we did try to do but one rubbish headline and emotions go buckwild again.

I don’t wanna sounding like I am defending him, cos he is responsible for himself, but in all fairness to him, and because I have a conscience that serves me well, not for once did he tweet, fb, email, interview anything of the sort. Our issues had absolutely nothing to do with what the media were speculating. People took a song he did and turned it upside down. My crew mixed and mastered the song. If it was about me, why would I allow him release it. God gave all of us sense naa. Some just chose not to use theirs and chose to believe anything they read even when the facts are there to sort through.

The only thing I have blamed him for, was not coming out on time to refute the claims and allowing it to escalate to that level. He has since apologized severally, we have discussed it privately as we should have from the jump. I have accepted and moved on. I have also apologized for losing my cool on twitter, he has since accepted and moved on. Really, what more is there.

I am not sure what people want from me. Should I hate him forever? Should I tie him to a post and flog him mercilessly? Should I be a wicked person and deprive him of his son? If I remain bitter and upset, please what value will it add to my life? Wo, my life is much more simpler than all this. Those who know me well, know this. Those that don’t understand me are the ones who will be forever outside looking in, speculating crap. I am truly tired of this topic but since it seems to keep popping up, I felt it is best to finally address it properly. If anyone decides to hang on to the lie after this, that is their own cup of tea. I have a talk show to record, poetry to write and a child to raise. I don talk my own. FIN!

However, on Thursday, January 30, 2014, ENCOMIUM Weekly asked Toni Payne to shed light on the posts in her blog, and what informed the decision now after 4 years she and the Gongo Aso crooner had gone their separate ways, she explains, “If it’s about my past, I have buried it with the post on my website, and I have moved on. I don’t want to talk about it again!”

When questioned further, Toni Payne, whose talk show, Everything Toni Payne was the 4th most popular show on Stitcher Radio worldwide last week, said, “Some blogs brought it up again, and I addressed it one final time. If they don’t get the message after this, really I don’t send. I’m done. I’m not interested in the topic again, because it took a lot out of me to even revisit it. Because if I do, it will be as if I’m being interviewed, and still dwell in it, which I am not.

“I have clarified things and anyone who judges me after that, I leave them in the Hands of my Maker. We will account for our roles on the day of accountability. That one is too sure…to time or reason to keep doing interviews, I don’t even need it. I’m focusing on my work and my son.”

When asked possibility of re-uniting with 9ice, she said, “no comment.”

9ice and Toni Payne got married on July 17, 2008 in a colourful and superlative wedding, and by January 2010, a year and a half later, the marriage was over. Although, the marriage produced a son, Zion. There were several reports at the time, alleging that the artiste manager was caught cheating on her husband with best friend, another musician. The allegations were not addressed for four years, until last week when Toni Payne posted the epistle on her blog, insisted she never cheated on her husband during their one year a half-year marriage.




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