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How to survive celebrity marriages – Foluke Daramola’s husband, Kayode Salako

Kayode Salako, husband of actress Folake Daramola, has listed elements that ensure survival of celebrity marriages.

In a post on social media this morning (Wednesday, May 10, 2017), the 45 year old father of three children advised celebrity couples to be extra tolerant.

Here’s the post:


Facts File!


” If you cannot be a man in the nature to overlook more;

If you cannot be a man who reads little or no meanings to things;

If you cannot be a man, who can easily forgive and forget it;

If you are not mentally mature, calm and experienced enough;

If you are an impatient man, who cannot tolerate their stress and s..t!

If you are not a very understanding, trusting, liberal, emotionally and mentally balanced and stable man;

If you are not optimally exposed enough to know that she is a woman in the eye of the public fanfare,  you cannot be the husband or wife of a celebrity for too long – It would soon crash!

Living with them is like travelling inside a fast moving train, which needs a very good, mentally balanced, experienced and focused driver as well as very understanding, calm and hopeful  passengers.

Above all, the man or the woman has to be sincerely convinced about it. They must really be deeply convinced they are meant for each other…” – Olukayode Salako.



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