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9 things Lanre Gentry will experience in prison

Olanrewaju Gentry, the hotelier and auto merchant estranged husband of star actress, Mercy Aigbe, would wish he could turn back the hands of the clock as Mrs. Y. O. Aje Afunwa of Rosaline Omotoso Court in Ikeja  (Lagos) ordered his remand in Kirikiri Prisons  (Apapa, Lagos) on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

Events of the last few days would reel before his eyes as it dawns on him that he’s headed for prison – and there are many officials, from court to prisons, who would scare him silly.


Here are the things the 52 year old father of four children would experience as compiled by encomium.ng:


  1. He would be led by police and prison officials to a cell in the court premises.

If he’s lucky, he would be kept in an office pending movement of those awaiting trial to prison.


  1. He would be ferried in a black Maria to (an uncomfortable lorry), packed with other suspects and inmates on the long journey from Ikeja to Apapa which takes over an hour.

If he’s lucky he might ride in a car or bus, accompanied by prison officers.


  1. He has to start negotiating not to be taken to the more inhospitable Medium Security Prison, and beg to be detained at the Maximum wing.


  1. On arrival, he’s registered. And led to another holding cell.

There is no comfort here at all. No bed, nothing.

This is where he would spend the first night with other new suspects.


  1. Since he’s new, he would be marched out to see the prison’s boss in the morning of Wednesday, May 10.

Here, he would narrate his offence and background the story.


  1. He’s told prison rules, and enjoined to be of good behaviour.


  1. He’s now allocated a proper cell.

And depending on how smart he plays his game, he can get a manageable spot.


  1. Once he gets to his cell, he’s again read the prison code as enacted by inmates and told about monetary contributions.


  1. He’s again interrogated by prisoners who will advise him better.

His journey to struggle to regain his freedom will now start as he meets with lawyers, friends and family.



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