Inside Pastor Adeboye’s 73rd birthday celebrations(2): Pastor Adeboye narrates history of Holy Ghost Service

“I am sure many of us know the history of the Holy Ghost Service. Some 29 years ago, I was in London preparing the Sunday school manual for the mission. Then I heard from God. He said ‘Son, what do you want for your birthday?’ I was shocked. Number one, because I didn’t know God is interested in my birthday. Then number two, I didn’t know He would be asking me for my present.

“So, I said Lord, if that is You, please repeat the question. He said It’s me, what do you want for your birthday?

“So, I said what I want is that all my members will get a miracle. He asked is that all, and I said that’s all I want. He said in that case when you get home, call them together and will give them what they ask for. It was then I asked Him what shall we call the service, He said call it Holy Ghost Service. What happened that day on that particular first service was mighty that when we finished, some people came to me and requested talk to God so that we can do the same thing every year. I asked Him and He said, why not. After sometime they said why don’t you ask Him so that we can do it every month. That’s why we’ve been doing it every month. And I know there are one or two people here that have benefitted from the Holy Ghost Service. If God has blessed you in any of the Holy Ghost Services stand on your feet and shout a big hallelujah.”

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