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‘It’s always good to be under a man’ – Single mother and actress, Liz Da Silva

On Saturday, April 15, 2017, ENCOMIUM Weekly was at Liz Da Silva’s new abode in Lekki, Lagos, where the top movie star granted us an exclusive interview on issues revolving her life and career, including her annual show (Africulture Entertainment), challenges of being a single mother and much more…


What’s going on now from your stable?

A lot of positive things are going on right now in my life and career. I thank God for that.

Can you unveil those positive things?

Surely, before the year runs out, I should be able to unveil what I have for my fans. All I know is that something bigger and better is on the way.

Concerning your career, how far have you gone this year?

As regards my career, I am trying to produce a movie which I am still working on right now. But I have other movies that I will start shooting from April 23, 2017.

How would you assess your annual show, now tagged Afrikulture Entertainment which held on Tuesday, December 27, 2016?

It has been my yearly event and it takes place every December. The last edition held on Tuesday, December 27, 2017 and it was a huge success. It’s a show I dedicate all my time and best to because of the creativity involved.

It is just to make us happy, not me alone. And at the same time to reach out to the needy which is even the main purpose of the event. So, I thank God for the success of the whole thing because everything went according to plan. The turnout was massive and with quality quests.

It’s former Ankara Day, but it has been rebranded. What informed this decision?

Yes, it all started as Ankara Day but now it’s called Afrikulture Entertainment. The reason for the rebranding is because I later came to realize that a lot of people are also tagging their shows Ankara this, Ankara that. So, I want mine to be well known, like this is for Liz Da Silva. It’s still the same event, all I did was that I just change the name to Afrikulture also because of the passion I have for African culture, which the show also projects.

What were the challenges you encountered in putting 2016 edition together?

As we all know, everything good doesn’t come cheap. I faced some challenges from the preparation stage to the execution stage. Putting the event of that magnitude together wasn’t an easy task but the most important thing is achieving your goal which I did.

I thank God for that. I would say I faced both positive and negative challenges but they both worked in favour of the show at the end of it all. I give glory to God for that.

What’re the things you would like to improve on ahead the next edition?

What I would like to improve on is the aspect of sponsorship. I am doing it all alone, I need people to sponsor the event so that it can be bigger than what it’s now. However, I won’t stop doing it with every little resource at my disposal until I see helping hands who will help give the programme a lift.

I always send letters to some companies for sponsorship which I also did last year but most of the companies didn’t respond or acknowledged our letters. Maybe because they’re yet to key into our idea, but we won’t stop until they believe in what we’re doing. And 2017 is going to be the 5th edition, I pray we get a lot of people and companies to support us.

But you still have enough time to run around…

(Cuts) No time is enough. And before you know it, December is around the corner. All I pray and hope for is that the fifth anniversary turns bigger than every other edition in the past.

Let’s talk about the movie industry, how would you assess the situation of things now in the industry?

Everything was hard when I joined the industry in 2004. But now, things are better than what they used to be then. The industry has produced more producers directors and script writers which amount to turning out good and quality movies regularly. So, I see positivity and growth in the industry.

But there’s a lot of cry that the industry is dwindling, especially due to recession, piracy and all that…

(Cuts in) No, I don’t agree with you on that. Recession is not peculiar to our industry, it cuts across all spheres of life. There’s no sector that’s not affected and right within that, some are still doing better in their various fields.

But people are saying it’s only actresses that are really making it recession or no recession while your male counterparts are just suffering, what’s your take on this?

I don’t believe that. In fact, there’s no truth in it. Let me ask you, is Odunlade Adekola a female? Is Femi Adebayo a female also? Or are they not doing well in the industry? And many others, numerous to mention. Just do your things right. Do whatever you’re supposed to do and pray towards it, you will surely get there.

Be that as it may, people still believe that most of you actresses that are successful have some men behind the curtain, what’s your reaction to that?

That’s their opinion, I don’t have right over it. But I don’t think it’s that way. We’re all human. Just act right, pray for it and get it.

What is really working for you?

It’s God Almighty. I never stopped praying. I love praying because I believe in my God, He will never disappoint me. He answers my prayer each time I call him.

You don’t feature much in movies recently, why?

I don’t need to appear in every movie because I an actress. To the glory of God, I have a name in the industry. I am a brand already. So, it’s not every job that comes to me that I should accept. Fine, if I do that, how will every other young actresses coming behind rise? We have younger colleagues who’re still struggling to get to stardom. So, we should give them a chance establish themselves. The sky is large enough for all the birds to fly across.

With your statement, it means you have gotten there as an actress…

(Cuts in) No, I didn’t mean that, I beg your pardon. I am yet to get there but I have reached a stage that I should be selecting roles, not just every role that comes around. It’s not a must for me to be in every movie. It doesn’t work that way. To me, Liz Da Silva, I believe in creating room for upcoming ones to also grow.

Would you say you have been marvelously blessed?

No, I am still a starter but I thank God for where I am now while I still continue to pray for a higher level.

The belief out there is that behind the success of every actress is a man, does that apply to you also?

I am an actress, and as an actress, you must have an angel behind you. Not only me, a lot of my colleagues are also doing fine, including our male counterparts. To me, it’s just God. What you need is just set your priority right and go for it. With God, all things are possible.

Are you now saying there’s no man behind your success?

Yes, everything I have achieved so far is God. And I will continue to give Him the glory. So, that’s the secret of my success.

Can you tell us your marital status at the moment?

At the moment, I am single but not searching. I am very okay.

How do you feel being a single mother?

First, it’s very interesting being a mother, but it’s not easy being a single mother. However, at the same time, I am very happy seeing my son around me. That gives me joy from within. Seeing him is a sort of encouragement for me. I love him so much.

So, being a single mother is not a big deal?

At all, but it’s always good to be under a man. You being a single mother isn’t your choice. But I am not saying it’s good being a single mother. But presently, I am single mother, a very happy one.

But we believe one day, you will give marriage a shot?

Yes, if God wants it, I will embrace it because every woman wants to be under a man, every woman wants to be called a Mrs. So, if the right man comes today, I tell you the next day, wedding preparation begins.

Does that mean it’s difficult to find the right man?

I don’t think so, maybe because my mind is not on that for now.


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