Here are the real victims of Mercy Aigbe’s marital mess

The scandalous squabble in the troubled 7-year marriage of star actress Mercy Aigbe and her hotelier and auto merchant husband, Olanrewaju Gentry, at the end of the day, will record two impressionable victims…her teenage daughter, Michelle, and Olajuwon Michael, her 6 year old son.
By extension, the three stepdaughters of her estranged husband who call her ‘small mummy’ will partake in the fall-out of all the salacious details their parents are entertaining Nigerians with.
From adultery by both parties with dramatic escapades thrown in, domestic violence, mental health issues, abandonment of parents to the possibility of a long legal battle, the children will be drenched in shame – and will bear the brunt for the major part of their lives.
Unless they stop their shameless revelations and make peace for the sake of their children, here are the 7 dangers looming large as compiled by encomium.ng:

1. The children will lose the peace and harmony planted in a home with both parents. And all the positive effects living with both parents ensure.

2. They will be torn between mother and father, and unsure on whose side they should be.

3. Custody battle will play itself out in court, especially on the young son the 7-year marriage produced.

4. The children will face taunts and ridicule from classmates since their parents’ dirty linens are being washed and hung ‘in the market square at high noon on a market day’.
With the internet, the salacious details are stored forever.

5. This squabble will affect the way the children will view marriage.
What’s more, they will fall into the category of products of failed marriage who are not favoured partners.

6. The torments the squabble will blaze on their young minds may affect their wellbeing in future.

7. With the legal matter assuming both civil and criminal nature, and the possibility of a 3-year jail term for Lanre Gentry if convicted for domestic violence, the children will be devastated.





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