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‘I still love Mercy’ – Lanre Gentry tells family

For the first time since sensational details of their marital mess seeped into public domain, truce is on the table for embattled couple, Mercy Aigbe and Olanrewaju Gentry.
As the hotelier and auto merchant estranged husband of the star actress has cooed to family members who waded in that he still loves Mercy.
The 52 year old father of four children told peace makers he’s now ready to take back his wife of ten years.
But it is unclear if the 38 year old mother of two children will accede to the moves.
Since the middle of April, the partners have entertained Nigerians with salacious details in their troubled union. From mind boggling philandering by both parties to violent assault and accusations of abandonment of parents, it was a horrific tale capable of ruining souls and reputations.
With two court cases, and threat of a libel from their friend, Opemititi Ajayi, long jail terms are even on the cards.
But with this truce, events may still end happily, in spite of the collateral damage of the scandal.



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