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8 reasons Mercy Aigbe’s marital mess is a horrific tale

Star actress Mercy Aigbe’s sensational marital mess with salacious details is capable of discouraging the young and impressionable from matrimony.

With details of alleged adultery from both parties, domestic violence and abandonment of parents, the entertainment the University of Lagos alumnus and her hotelier and auto merchant estranged husband (Olanrewaju Gentry) have subjected us to are as appalling as they are horrific.


And here are 8 reasons the drama with sequels have been unpalatable as compiled by encomium.ng:


  1. Brutal domestic violence which landed the actress in hospital with broken skull and life changing injuries.

With allegations of constantly being battered, and a few times hospitalised, the last physical abuse – with medical reports and corroboration by other sources including Lagos state’s Violence and Sexual Assault Response Team – sowed alarm.

Mercy’s narration of the assault was as shocking as it was stupefying.


  1. Disgraceful revelations of philandering.

The partners painted themselves as having no regard for their relationship, with accusations of hopping from one bed to another.

The fact that both have been married more than once coloured them flippant.


  1. Matter brought to market square on market day at high noon with two sensational court cases.

With the case before Mrs. Davies Abegunde of Ogba magistrate court restraining Gentry from a one-mile radius of his wife and stopping physical abuse, the partners invited Nigerians to observe their disgrace. A 5 year imprisonment is punishment for violation.

And with the police case against Gentry before  Mrs. Y. O. Aje Afunwa of Rosaline Omotoso Court in GRA Ikeja  (Lagos), a 7 year jail term is in the offing if convicted.


  1. One week in Kirikiri Prisons.

Olanrewaju Gentry couldn’t perfect his bail when he was arraigned, and he spent one whole week behind the high walls of Nigeria’s most notorious prison (in Apapa, Lagos).

And the humiliation of his incarceration, and blame game, further widened the space of reconciliation.


  1. Opemititi Ajayi’s N500 million libel.

Mercy Aigbe may face a N500 million libel case from Opemititi Ajayi whom she allegedly accused of sleeping with her husband.

With a third party in the case, resolution becomes tougher.

The lady’s lawyers wrote a letter on May 15, complaining about the actress’ interview with Broadway TV. And gave a one-week ultimatum for an apology and payment of N500 million.


  1. Not considering their children.

Without restraint, Mercy Aigbe (38) and Olanrewaju Gentry (52) went beyond boundaries to produce appalling portraits of each other. And not once did they consider their children.

Mercy Aigbe has two children – a 15 year old daughter and a 6 year old son.  While Olanrewaju Gentry has three daughters (from previous relationships) and a son (with Aigbe).

The trauma the young children will go through is better imagined in this age of Internet which keeps permanent records.


  1. Parading new girlfriend.

In under two weeks of disagreement, another lady sitting with Gentry in a social media post, surfaced.

What does it mean? If true, a lot. Sheer disregard for everything that union stands for, a disrespect to their children and utter disdain for the episodes we are still recovering from.


  1. Where are the parents? Where are the elders?

Or is it that the estranged lovers are so stubborn no one can talk to them? They have exhibited that they don’t care about anyone, don’t listen to anyone…and will go to any length to destroy each other.

That’s a fearful scenario nobody should be in. There should be people who you respect and can tell you off.



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