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KAI goes tough on street hawking

-Whisks away hawkers with their goods

The officials of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) on Thursday, March 17, 2016, resumed their raid of street hawkers in some areas of Lagos as part of the state’s efforts to keep the hawkers off major and busy roads to avoid  loss of lives due accidents.
KAI officials were sighted in Ogba axis around 2 pm, chasing street traders, especially those dealing in fruits. They, however, succeeded in whisking away some of the defiant hawkers; some with their goods or goods only.
One of the lucky fruit sellers, Mallam Audu who spoke to recounted how he escaped being arrested by the fierce looking KAI officials.
“It’s God that saved me today, I just left to pray. As l was returning, I heard people shouting, “KAI! KAI! “When l saw them chasing my colleagues and other people selling along the roads, I started running. Thank God, I wasn’t caught but my friend wasn’t that lucky. He has been whisked away, but they left his fruits.”

Abandoned furits

Abandoned furits








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