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Kerosene’s price escalates again

Kerosene, an essential cooking fuel, is back on the high side. A visit to petrol stations across Lagos  state revealed that Nigerians should not heave a sigh of relief yet as the prices have started jacking up again.

Here are on the spot report across the metropolis:

*”I bought a litre of kerosene for N220 last week.  I was shocked because it was just N165 the last time I bought it. We don’t have a choice than to keep buying. “

*”I sent my daughter to a nearby petrol station yesterday and she came back with only one litre of kerosene.  I gave her N300 to buy two litres. I bought it last N150. I wasn’t expecting any increment, we have suffered enough in this country.”

*” Maybe I have to try firewood.  I have a large family, I can’t be buying five litres of kerosene every week.  My husband is a pastor, all manner of people come to our house daily and we have to entertain them. I just can’t complain.  Kerosene is N220 per litre in my area”.

A couple of weeks back, Nigerians were jubilating when a litre of kerosene was sold between N150-N170 as against N250 per litre.  Now, it is on the rise again.

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