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‘We can’t afford N400 per litre of kerosene’ – Nigerians Lament

Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), a product which over 30 million Nigerians depend on daily for their cooking and other domestic use has been put beyond reach of the masses due to its sudden hike and scarcity across Nigeria. In the first week of January 2017, the product hit N400 per litre, adding to the pain of many households that depend on the product for cooking and other uses.

The scarcity brought about selling the product for N400 per litre nationwide, led many to resort to using charcoal, sawdust, firewood to cook their food as they can’t afford to buy a litre of petrol at such outrageous amount.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought opinions on how they have been coping with the hike in the price of the product since the beginning of the year. In the chat, many revealed their ordeal and urged the FG to provide a possible solution.


‘How can an average man survive in this country’ – MRS. FAWOLE WUNMI

It’s time Nigerians rose up and start marching towards Aso Rock. This is becoming ridiculous and unbearable for the average man. These are natural resources that we have in our soil, why buying them at a very expensive rate. Our government needs to do something because Nigerians will not take it likely this year. We can’t endure any more pain. Government should hear our cry.


‘We spend a lot on high prices of commodities’ – AZEEZAT SANNI

The kind of life our leaders have subjected the poor masses to live is like hell. We can’t even eat what we want. Imagine buying two litres of kerosene for N900. So, there’s nothing left to eat. We spend a lot on the high prices of commodities yet we are not getting paid at work. We beg our leaders to help us out. We have seen a lot in the year 2016, we should be feeling the positive effect of change by now.


‘We cannot just continue like this’ – DEOLA FATOKI

I bought a bottle of kerosene for N250 this morning, it was so annoying. The funniest thing now is the product now dries up very fast. The one bottle that I bought did not last 30 minutes. This is absurd. We cannot just continue like this. We are tired of lamenting. Government should sit up tight this New Year and help look into issues affecting the poor masses.


‘Now the price of kerosene is so terrible to afford’ – DANIEL CHUKWUKA

The whole thing happening in the country today needs serious attention. Before the issue of kerosene, I used to complain about power supply. It’s been 3 months since we last enjoyed power supply in my area. I depend solely on kerosene stove to iron my office wears. Now the price of kerosene is so terrible to afford. How can I buy a litre of kerosene for N400 just to iron my clothes or do other stuff?

It’s so annoying. I am not happy. The situation is causing pain to many households. We feel neglected and rejected by our leaders. Government officials and top politicians are not experiencing all of this. For the sake of the poor, our government should rise and make better plans for all Nigerians.


‘Kerosene has turned to gold in Nigeria’ – CHISOM BRIGHT

So kerosene has turned to gold in Nigeria. I never knew about the new price of the product until yesterday when my gas finished and I decided to get a bottle of kerosene. As at yesterday when I bought a bottle in Agege area of Lagos state, a bottle sells for N230. That’s too much to afford I must say. We need help in Nigeria.


‘People are really suffering in this country’ – OLASUNKANMI OLUSEGUN

People are really suffering in this country, Many have lost their jobs, Many are about to lose their jobs, Even many who are still working, can’t survive again on the little salary they are earning.

Our leaders don’t live our life, they don’t buy kerosene from the market stall, they don’t take public transport, they don’t buy cups of garri from the market woman, they don’t budget on how to survive on a low income every month.

So they will never understand what the common man is passing through. We need to stand against this in this New Year. Government should do things that will make life easier and better for the common man.


‘One day the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich’ – RASAQ SANNI

Whoever that is making life tough for the general public should continue. I know one day the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich. Until Nigerians learn to complain less and act more, suffering like this will always be imposed on us in this country. I’m patiently waiting for 2019.


‘Lot of things struck in Nigeria. Many became jobless and useless’ – FEMI FAGBEMI

Last year was one of the toughest years in my history. A lot of things struck in Nigeria. Many became jobless and useless. People no longer have time for their own life just because of the burden the country is wearing which is affecting everyone especially the poor. We can’t continue to buy kerosene for N450 per litre. It’s unbearable and unacceptable. This is a product that many depend on to cook and do other domestic purposes. Our government should look into the matter now and help provide a last solution. The masses are suffering. This is another year, they should help us.




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