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‘The country is hard, we can’t survive without sports betting’ – Punters wail

A lot of Nigerians are avid sports lovers, especially football. The records of sporting results, current player forms and team tactics, give sports followers the impression that their knowledge can be turned into a source of income, especially in this time of recession in the country. Punters believe sports betting is another way of making extra amount of money away from their salary and making them pay their bills conveniently.

Meanwhile, it’s a risk. It’s either punters lose their money or make more money.

ENCOMIUM Weekly asked punters about the reason they have opted for sports betting. In the chat, they revealed the economic situation of the country is one of the key factors contributing to the number of people playing sport betting.


‘The only alternative of making extra income is to gamble’ – ADE ASIWAJU

I play sports betting more lately just because of the stagnant situation of our economy. Nothing is actually changing in this country. Everyone needs money to survive yet the money is not circulating to the poor masses. The only alternative of making extra income is to gamble, maybe luck will shine on me. I am self employed. I’m a radionic but I’m not making money like I used to.

I do most of my job with power supply but the power supply in my work environment is very bad. I can’t afford to buy petrol so I just fix what I can fix when there’s power supply. Sports betting has been keeping me busy daily because it gives me hope of either winning some amount of money or losing my money.


‘Economic situation of this country is so terrible’ – OKE GBADEBO

Aside sports betting, many Nigerians have resorted to all sorts of gambling just to make extra income. Nobody is depending on the government anymore because they are not doing anything in our favour. My friend asked me last week to teach him how to predict sports matches and how to make money from it. I was shocked because he’s employed. It was later he told me that the company he’s working for can no longer afford their salary so, he has to seek an emergency means of making money to feed his family.

The economic situation of this country is so terrible that the rich are getting poor and the poor are getting poorer. I think Nigerians will patronize sports betting more just because it’s another easy way of making or losing money.


‘I’m only showing my interest in sports betting’ – SEUN OLALEKAN

I’m a football lover so sports betting is just a way of showing my interest for the sports activity that I like, and making money from it as well. Although economic situation to some extent has affected the rate at which Nigerians indulge in the act because people just want to make money when they are supposed to study the risk in staking bets.

For instance, you will see someone who has no idea of any sporting activity trying to place a bet in sport betting shops. This type of people are prone to losing more money.


‘Nigerians just want a quick means of making money…’ – RASAQ ADEGOKE

Sports betting is a business to shop owners and it’s a risk for those playing the game. It’s either you make more money or you lose the little you have. In many cases, the habit of sports betting has escalated just because of the economic crisis being faced by the country.

Just like the issue of ponzi schemes, Nigerians just want a quick means of making money without really looking deep into the risk and gain associated with what they are investing in. When things get back to normal and people can actually feed from their work conveniently, then the rate at which people gamble will reduce to some extent.


‘Either tough economy or unemployment we can’t stop playing sport betting’ – OLAWALE PETER

Either tough economy or unemployment, we can’t stop playing sport betting. With the way things are going, Nigerians are seeking quick means of making money daily. My salary is never enough to cater for the affair of my family so, I need to engage in betting and other gambling.

My daughter needs money for school fees. My salary isn’t just enough to care for all my needs. Sports betting and lotto have been paying me at unexpected times. I will continue playing until things get better for me.


‘Sport betting is risky yet it gives people hope’ – KELECHI AGU

I have been playing sports betting for more than two years now and I have no regret so far. The whole country is talking about recession, meanwhile recession actually knows its boundary. Our leaders are not going through what common men are facing.

A lot of people would have died if not for the little they are making from sports betting. Though it’s risky, yet it gives people hope of making money. And that’s why more people participate daily.


‘Pool has been in existence for ages even when the country was very good’ – AFEEZ SODIYA

I can’t really tell you it’s the situation of the country that forced people to play sports betting because people have been doing this for a long time. Pool has been in existence for ages even when the country was very good. I just think gambling is a spirit and those who have the spirit will always find solace in anything that has to do with gambling.

If you are a keen observer, you will realize most of those playing sports betting now have once played pool or lotto. And if other gambling are introduced today, many will still leave sports betting and join the new train. That’s how it goes.




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