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Campuses most notorious for ‘runsgirls’ exposed

Runsgirls in campuses remain a trend in Nigeria. The number of girls who are into this act in schools remains on the high side. They are always looking expensive and can easily be identified when seen on campus. They parade clubs, hotels and fun spots around the town, especially near their school. Their targets are those who have cash to offer in order to satisfy their sexual needs. They have different names and slangs depending on school environment. Some call them Olosho, Ashana, and even hustler. But the most popular name is runsgirls or runs babes.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled students’ opinions on the increasing number of runsgirls in Nigerian institutions. In the chat, many revealed the institutions they think have the highest number and how they operate…


MATTHEW ADEOYE, 300l OOU (International Relations)

Runs girls are everywhere in Nigeria’s institutions today. I am a student of Olabisi Obabanjo University but from my experience so far, I will say University of Lagos and Olabisi Onabanjo University have the highest. For the most expensive once, try UNILAG girls. And for the cheap once, try OSU babes. They are ready to serve you with any amount you have.



For me, Ambrose Ali University has the highest number of runs girls in Nigeria’s institutions. I’m not a student of the institution but I learnt alot about the school while I was there for my youth service. Those girls are bad, I must tell you.

They see the runs of a thing as a very serious and lucrative business and they don’t charge much.



Personally, I think UNILAG and LASU girls should top the list. These two institutions parade the most runsgirls across the country. Those girls are really trying and hardworking at night.



UNILAG, UNIPORT and UNIBEN should control the highest number of runsgirls. I can count up to 10 girls that I know who are runsbabes from UNILAG alone. These girls don’t send at all. UNIPORT and UNIBEN are not left out. Those schools are really hot when it comes to parole.


KOREDE TIMILEHIN, HND1 Mapoly (Mass Communication)

When you want to talk about runs girl, they are of different types. Olosho is another popular one in my school. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic girls are grade one in Olosho parole. You can always find them on every street of Abeokuta at nights doing their business. I think Mapoly should be ranked top on the list.



Imo state University should be placed at second position after UNIABUJA. I used to know UNIABUJA as the number one when it comes to classy runsgirls but IMSU girls no carry last. You will always locate one hotel or two at every street. The rate at which those girls are doing things, I’m afraid. They have more younger girls who are runs babe.



I give it to Ambrose Ali University girls. Ekpoma babes are trying when it comes to runs. The whole school environment is their base. You will always see them at every corner. God save us from Ekpoma Girls.



I have been to almost all the parts of the country. No university girls do runs better than Imo State University girls…. Hands down for those babes. Date an IMSU girl at your own risk. A girl in IMSU doesn’t mind spending her last card to buy the most expensive wears and accessories. Just to feel expensive and belong. They are damn beautiful and pretty too.

But do you know the funniest part, they are very broke, jobless, lazy and mostly on poor family who are looking for a brainless guy to leech from. Take an IMSU runs babe to a restaurant and see her gulp down food like there is famine in the land (laugh).



I schooled at Ahmadu Bello University but I will say UNIABUJA has the highest runsbabes. In UNIABUJA, whereever two or more girls are, there is a runs girl. The population of those girls too much. You can easily identify them when you see them.


DAMOLA ODUNAYO, 200L IMSU (Mass communication)

Nowadays, most girls hustle till they are ready to settle down. I won’t judge anyone but I give the credit of the highest runsgirls to Imo State University. They are really trying.


JAIYEOBA VICTOR, 300L UNILORIN (Political science)

Runsgirls are everywhere in our institutions today, they are usually well packaged with expensive phones but always broke and hungry. When you see them, you will identify them with their logo.




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