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‘Losing my dad now, a big blow’ – LACASERA

Up and coming actress, Aduragbemi Olanrewaju, a.k.a Lacasera, is not in a good mood at the moment. And the reason is not farfetched. The pencil slim thespian just lost her lovely father, Raphael Olanrewaju Salami.

Mr. Salami, former super cop, died at 70, after losing the battle to a heart-related ailment.

In this interview with Lacasera on Sunday, March 1, 2015, the Ede, Osun born film maker told ENCOMIUM Weekly how much she would miss her father. She also recounted his last moment.


We commiserate with you on the death of your father.

Thank you, sir.

How does it feel losing him at this stage when your career has just started rising?

It feels so bad. I don’t even know how to explain the situation right now. I am not happy at all. I wish he lived longer so that he could reap the fruit of his labour on me. He was just a loving, kind and caring dad that everybody would always love to be around.



How would you describe his death?

It’s a big blow to the entire family, especially myself because of his impact on me. Losing him now is very painful to me. He was just too nice to go now.

How would you describe life without him?

It’s like hell. It’s really not going to be easy but with faith in God, I believe I can cope.

What would you miss most about him?

A lot. He was a nice father. So, I will miss his fatherly care. Any time I was broke, he was the one I always ran to, and he would do everything to make me happy. He was always there for me morally and financially.

What’s going to happen to your education and career now?

Everything is in the hands of God. And I have faith in Him. Even when my dad was alive, it’s God first. So, when he is no more, it’s also God that will continue to handle every affair of my life. I believe with God all things are possible. It’s only painful that I won’t see my father any more.

What would you like to remember about him?

Everything a father can do for his child. He was just a wonderful father in all manners. He was a man everybody would like to be with. He was a peace loving man, even when he was in service as a police officer till he rose to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police before he retired. Everybody loved him. So, he would be remembered by all, not me alone.

How supportive was he to your career as an actress?

He was so supportive. He used to encourage me a lot. Although, initially he wasn’t that pleased that I veered into acting when I was expected to be a medical doctor. But later, he understood the fact that I could still be juggling both without one affecting the other. Since then, he gave me all the necessary support. And I would forever be grateful to him despite the fact that he’s gone.

What did he promise you that he couldn’t do before death beckoned?

Many things. He promised opening a hospital for me and sending me abroad for further studies in medicine and health related courses. But these may have been shattered except God comes in miraculously.

How would you describe his last moment?

It was somehow. My father was still talking and was being prayed for. But all of a sudden, he stopped talking. He was only breathing. Later he stopped breathing. When I personally checked him, I found he was dead. And I started crying so also everybody who was with him at the hospital.

It’s so painful. I hope we can cope, especially my mom because they were like twins. They used to do almost everything together, wearing the same clothes, eating together and all that.

How old was he?

He died at 70. In all, glory be to God for his life.

He is survived by how many wives and children?

He had only one wife. He is survived by seven children.


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