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Moment With Mo Goes Pan African: Two top Ghanaians set to Co-host ‘I’m excited to be on board’, BELLA MUNDI


Popularly referred to as “Oprah Winfrey” of Africa, Mo Abudu, CEO of Ebony TV, an entrepreneur and an inspiration to many aspiring young girls is indeed a force to reckon with when it comes to talk shows and projecting African values to the rest of the world.

In this regard, her popular TV talkshow, Moments with Mo which  enjoys great viewership in Africa and beyond has gone Pan African to celebrate the debut of Ebony live TV which clocked two years on July 1, 2015..  In this regard some other presenters are now involved as co- presenting of this great TV talk show. Mo Abudu revealed in an interview on-line that “Her target is to keep the show as one, but introduce diversity and infuse different unique flavours from Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria”

The co-presenters are expected to feature guest and inspiring stories from their countries and will be bound together by a number of set props making it single-minded to viewers across the globe.

However, in Ghana two top female presenters chosen to represent the Black Star country, include popular, sexy and delectable Ghone Rhythms presenter Bella Mundi and talented actress and TV presenter, Ama K. Abrebese.

The show is set to capture a wider audience by connecting Africa like never before continuing with Moment with Mo tradition and will focus on many important topics, from politics, culture entertainment, life style, health, top celebrity interviews, etc.

ENCOMIUM Weekly reporter, Bukola Edah met with the two co-presenters from Ghana and they shared their excitement on their new adventure.


Can you briefly tell us about your new deal with Moment with Mo?

Let me start by saying I had wanted to be part of a programme like Moments with Mo. I used to watch it on DSTV a lot. It started with Mo Abudu and then she opened it up to Dolapo and Bolanle to co- host part of it as well, and I’ve always wondered if I could get a chance to host a show like that, because in Ghana, I’m known basically for entertainment news. That’s how I started off. And so it makes it difficult to try something new. So, I was there one day when I got a call and was told there is an opening for me to be a presenter on the programme in Ghana and I should send my reel. I was really excited, because this was a chance for me to prove not to my country but to Africa that I can do more than entertainment, but with everything that has to do with what is on TV. So, I sent my reel and within 48 hours I was called that I was on. I was excited because this is Moment with Mo Pan African. Myself and Ama. K. Abrebese are the presenters and we  get to talk about everything from politics, to finance, to relationships, life style, basically everything that has to do living and am excited to be on board.

Have you met Mo Abudu in person?

No!!! I haven’t. But I’m looking forward to meeting her actually. I’m a big fan of hers, because she has been able to start something in the world where men easily dominate and that’s TV. I think most TV owners are men, from the little knowledge I have, so for her to actually start a TV station in a market like Nigeria and be this successful should tell you that she is up to it.

Where will the recording take place?

The plan is to actually record the first season in Ghana, but at the end of every year, we all meet in Nigeria to record an episode or two so that’s how it’s going to be.

What was childhood like for you?

Growing up was fun. I’m the last born of my family so I was highly pampered but disciplined when necessary. I think I was a tomboy, always hanging out with the boys, riding bicycles, climbing trees and scaling walls. Basically, I wanted to explore most of the time. I attended some of the best schools, thanks to God and my family, it has transformed me into what I am today and I’ve always had interest in TV since I was a child. I wanted to be in the spotlight. Started hosting shows since I was in secondary school and I knew this is what I wanted to do. Though I wasn’t sure it was going to be my career, because I heard it wasn’t easy and you might want to get another job to support yourself.

You were also involved in Miss Malaika Ghana?

Yeah, I was in 2010, five years down the line. I was the second runner up, but that wasn’t my main goal, I wanted to prove that I could do TV, I am also a good publicist, if you give me the chance I would do it. Luckily for me the organizers of the pageant, Charter House had just started a new TV station, I shared my idea with them and they felt I was confident and could speak good English, and if they train me well enough I could do something on TV, so they gave me the job almost immediately.

Who are your role models?

Role models! three women. First is Anita Erskine from Ghana. She is very versatile and speaks more than one language as a publicist and I like that about her. And also for the fact that she had to choose starting a family and continuing with her career, but she chose her family, took a break, came back and within a year, she became the Anita that we knew before. And so it just gave me the hope that if this is your dream and you work on it, you will achieve it. Out of Africa, I have Wendy William, she tells you as it is. She criticizes when the need arises, she tells the news so easily and presents with less effort. She is controversial but at the same time she gets the job done. She used to be a lecturer but gave it up to be a TV presenter. You could tell that she always wanted to influence people’s lives in every way that she could. And then Oprah Winfrey, she is the queen of TV across the world. Anybody who wants to do TV should look up to people like Oprah. She started from nothing and now owns one of the biggest networks in the world.

Any plans aside TV presentation?

Actually, I have which is not a surprise to many. I’m trying to come up with my own beauty products range, and it’s quite difficult, because you have to do a lot of background work, so it might take longer than I thought, but it will definitely come up .I had wanted to be a cosmetologist as well, it’s all part of TV. It’s never a crime if you are making money from multiple sources.

Are you in a relationship and who is your ideal man?

No! No! No! yet. But my ideal man should be caring, a man that can put me ahead of himself. He must be God fearing because am from a religious background so, I’m being guided by some values. And I wouldn’t want to date a man in my line of profession, at all, not for a second.

How do you unwind?

I sleep a lot, while others are partying or clubbing, I just sleep. And I read a lot, due to the nature of my job; you have to be abreast with issues. I watch lot of TV shows because I learn from that as well.

Advice for up and coming presenters?

I am a motivational speaker as well, so my social pages are filled with motivational speeches. My favourite quote is “If they tell you, you can’t, don’t just tell them you can, you need to show and prove to them that you can.” You can always get a training at what you are bad at and focus on your talent. Look at water, it flows peacefully but still faces some impediments like a rock, but after a while it over flows and keeps moving. I liken myself to moving water. As long as there is life, there is an opportunity to move forward, no matter what is ahead, just keep moving.

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