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Complete story of star-studded, The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party, a movie from the stables of Mo Abudu’s Ebony Life Productions promises to be an award winning movie of 2016. It has veterans like Sola Sobowale, Ireti Doyle, RMD, Alibaba and other talented actors. It is also the first film singer Banky W would feature in. The movie would be in cinema from Wednesday, November 16, 2016 in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. Proudly directed by Kemi Adetiba, ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with casts, producer and director of the movie…


‘The wedding I attended last inspired The Wedding Party’ – MO ABUDU

moabuduWhat inspired The Wedding Party?

I was at a wedding last years, after watching all the drama, I said to myself, we must do a film about wedding in Nigeria. There is something special about Nigerian weddings. That is how we came up with The Wedding Party. Everyone that has watched the movie would realize that it is a wedding with a difference.

Why was there a lot of music in the movie?

It was intentional. We wanted to showcase the catalogue of music we have in Nigeria. We wanted music to be a priority. Everywhere we have traveled to with the movie, they always say the music got them going. We just wanted to export pour type of music and lifestyle out there.

What informed the choice of cast?

We were all  part of the casting process, Kemi, Moses, myself. Who we thought they were, we just choose representatives for those roles. We did a private casting, it wasn’t an auditioning. Someone said Sola Sobowale must be Dunni’s mother and we invited her, she came in and read her script and it was okay. We just made sure we could tie the role to the person.

Banky W was very humble about it, he came and auditioned. He was prepared and that was how he got it. The chemistry between her and Adesua was magical.


‘It was amazing being a part of The Wedding Party’ – ADESUA ETOMI

adesuaHow was the experience as the cast of The Wedding Party?

It was amazing. If you are depressed and go in to watch The Wedding Party, I can assure you, you would feel lighter and brighter. I have watched it two times and I still have this feel good thing in me. I think it is a movie that would stand the test of time and would make people laugh 20 years after. That is what we intend doing, making timeless movies.

How did you join the train?

I got called in for the audition, I went through a rigorous audition but I feel very blessed that I got the role.

How challenging was it for you?

Every project is challenging. But it is obviously different now because Dunni doesn’t talk too much. She goes through a roller coaster of emotions in three minutes and it would be over. As an actor, you are a character junky, you are looking for that character that would make you go the extra mile. I had a great time playing her and it was fun watching her.

The chemistry between you and Banky W made it look as if you have been working together for a very long time?

Banky and I are friends, also Dunni and Dozie were supposed to be in love. If you come out and it doesn’t look as if they are in love, you have not done your job. It is a compliment for me, it shows that we are both passionate about our craft. It was great working alongside him, I think they casted him perfectly.


‘If I had missed it, I would be so envious of the person playing the role’ – -SOLA SOBOWALE

soal-sobowaleHow does it feel to be part of The Wedding Party?

It was fantastic.

How were you able to get into that character?

This is me for you, it is what I enjoy doing. I am not a business woman, I am an artist.

What would you say about this movie compared to other movies you have done?

It was fantastic, technically. Years back we were all managing but now, we are on the same level with Hollywood. It was well directed, good cast, no cutting of corners, everything was on point. I have been off for a while to take care of my children.

Children are not asked to be born, when you have them, you must take care of them. I couldn’t do two at a time. I have five of them, I had to take them out of Nigeria, 15 years ago. I give God all the glory, they have all graduated now and are working. I have given them their legacy. I can return to work. I am back now.

Would you say you missed Nollywood while away?

Yes, I did. Though, I come home every year to produce my own work and go back again. I was equally working there. Now I have my time. If I want to travel now, it is just for holiday. Thank God The Wedding Party came at the right time. If I had missed that role, I would be kicking myself and would be so envious of the person playing it. I thank God that I got it.

How did you manage to remain relevant for many years?

It is not my doing. It is God almighty. I believe so much in God. I believe this is what God ordained me to do. If I was doing something else, I may not be relevant. This is my path, it is what I enjoy doing.

How many years have you been into acting?

40 years now. I was in Village Headmaster, Mirror in the Sun, even stage as well.

Aside acting, what else would you have loved to do?

I cannot do anything. I make my dresses, I make sketches and give instruction on how it should be made. I had a restaurant, salon and fashion house before but I wasn’t sitting there. I cannot trade movie for anything.

A lot of people believe you are strict and no nonsense lady. Who really is Sola Sobowale?

I am very strict. I am not proud but I am very principled. I call a spade a spade. I don’t mince my word. I don’t lie. I don’t compromise. The education and discipline I received has made me who I am today. I am very strict but I am down to earth. I am not a party goer. I would rather be with my family.

In the last 40 years, how would you rate the growth of Nollywood?

Things have changed. We are now at almost the same level  with Hollywood.

How did you manage your career and your children when they were younger?

God said it is what He has ordained me to do. It was effortless. When my children are on holiday and I have to be on location, I would take a hotel room, take my camp gas with me and cook for them there. I didn’t have difficulty raising them.

One of my girls went to Nigeria Turkish International School, another one went to British International, one to Corona, I was paying that much and made up my mind that they wouldn’t just go to any university. That was how we moved them out of the country.

Is any of your children taking after you career wise?

Before yes, one was in Everyday People. She was playing Princess. But now, I have an accountant, engineer, and they are all professionals. A series called Nector and all my movies were produced by my twins.



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