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Muslims mark Eid-Al-Adha on Thursday – Celebs on wher they’d celebrate Sallah

As muslims all over the world are warming up for this year’s Eid-il-Kabr (Sallah), many Nigerians, despite the poor economic situation, are also preparing for the historic festival which holds on Thursday, September 24, 2015.

A cross section of Nigerian celebrities ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to disclosed how and where they’re spending the period.

ms kiss 1-Fullscreen capture 9232015 113419 AMMZ KISS, artiste

I’ll be going over to some friend’s place, that’s how we celebrate. During Christmas, they come to my place and we celebrate together. During Sallah, I return the favour.

My most memorable Sallah was two years ago when a friend of mine got engaged. Now, she’s married with a child already.


1-gwen-2GWEN  ELOHO, actress,  beauty queen

As usual, I’m planning to spend my Sallah with the less privileged, a ritual that I always practice every year. I’m planning to celebrate it in Abuja this year by spending quality time, having fun with the children.

This will be my most memorable Sallah celebration because I always strive to make each one more memorable than the last.

1-Omobolar IMG-20150917-WA001OMOBOLAR, artiste,  model

I would be spending Sallah with my family, as usual. It’s always very good to get to spend time with your family.

The most memorable one was in 2013, that’s two years ago. I didn’t know it was the last I was spending with my beloved mother, may her soul continue to rest in peace.


angela 1-Fullscreen capture 9232015 113923 AMANGELA OKORIE, Actress

Even though I’m not a Muslim, I join my Muslim friends in celebrating. We have fun together. I’m always working so I work from home and I get to spend quality time with my family.



1-tunde OwokoniranAfter the Eid prayers, I am going to meet with my team, Freesouuls International and we will go to my area and share my new movie, Irawo Osan. It is my way off giving back and I will address the youths reminding them that, they are all unique in their own ways, they can achieve whatever they wish for themselves. They should pursue their dreams and shun hooliganism, cultisim and drugs. After that, I will go to my dad’s house and have a great time with family and friends.

This particular celebration remains memorable because of the activities, killing of ram and a huge number of friends and family will turn up. I have a better understanding of what Salah is all about now. I will say, I prefer the festivity after fasting to this.


kikelomo KuojoI am preparing for this year’s Sallah despite the harsh economy and what happened to me. I thank God I wasn’t injured. So, that alone, I should be thankful to God. I am planning to celebrate Sallah with my family in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state as usual. It’s always a unique atmosphere for all of us as a family as you will meet again after a year.

I think my most memorable Sallah was last year. I had enough fun and that’s the time I attained a greater height in my career. Although, every Sallah had been memorable, 2014 Sallah was unique.

Banke Adewunmi IMG-20140306-WA000BANKE ADEWUNMI, Actress

We’re all prepared in our family to celebrate this year’s Sallah as usual. I am planning to celebrate it with my family and friends in Lagos. Every Sallah was wonderful and memorable and this year’s won’t be an exception. In every circumstance, one needs to be grateful to God. Despite the situation of Nigerian economy, there is still every reason for us to celebrate Sallah so far we’re alive and kicking. I thank God for witnessing the festive season again this year.



Lawrence OnuzulikeI am actually in Abuja now shooting a comedy film and working on a reality TV show themed: Goodwill Ultimate Challenge. I don’t think I will be celebrating, because I will be on location. We will surely do a little ceremony for our Muslim actors and crew.

I am actually a Christian but I must commend Alhaji Yusuf for giving me and a few friends special treat during last year’s Salah. I don’t want to go into details but it was awesome.


Easy LizzyI will celebrate with my Muslim friends. I have some places to visit because they come to my crib for Christmas jollof rice and chicken. So, I wouldn’t miss the Salah ram from their end. I will shuttle between Mainland and Island. Every Sallah comes with its own uniqueness. Every Sallah comes with his own fun.



Bob-Manuel-Udokwu-featBOB  MANUEL UDOKWU, Actor

I’ll be spending the Sallah break outside the country, specifically I’ll be attending 2015 Africa Movie Academy Awards in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


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