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Nigerians now drink less as beer parlour owners lament poor sales

As the economy of the country continues to drop, affecting several businesses all over Nigeria, beer parlour owners lament poor sales. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with several bar owners who complained that patronage has really decreased.


GIFT (Gift spot, Asaye Street, Obawole)

People are not drinking more, business is not bubbling, and there is no money anywhere. But in my own case, I think it is because I’m still new in this area. It is not up to a month that I moved into this shop. But my experience so far, people are not drinking much.


COMFORT (Mama Gee spot, Obawole)

People don’t drink more in hard times, how can that be? Everywhere is tight, so where will they get the money to drink? In fact, nowadays, it’s even hard to sell at least 1000 before going home. Those that will come here to drink at least three bottles now find it difficult to drink one. I don’t just understand, if not that I have children that are supportive and my family too, I don’t know what would have happened to this place.



Things are really bad these days. When things were still bubbling, I used to drink 4-5 bottles of beer, but now, I’ve reduced it to 2 bottles. It’s so sad. I’m not really satisfied with what I take nowadays but I just have to cope since there is no money.



We still have patronage but it is not like before, people are not drinking like before. I think is because of Nigeria’s situation. You know there is no money, we are just managing but we thank God.



We have not been having patronage as compared to last year, things are very difficult and as such money has not been coming in for we restaurant and bar owners. I used to have a lot of customers but now everywhere seems free, people do not patronize us of late.



People still consume alcohol because of the weather but the patronage has really declined due to the economic situation. We only have few customers and some even consume on credit nowadays. We give them because if we do not give them, it would remain in the fridge for only God knows when, with a promise that they will pay soon.



The sales of alcohol has now really dropped. The economic situation is not friendly but we sell more alcohol lately. I believe the consumers don’t give room for the country situation to tie them down, they all gather here every evening to enjoy a bottle of alcohol. So I will say the sale of alcohol was not really affected.



The sales was not much affected, consumers of alcoholic drinks keep coming to purchase a bottle. I can tell you the sales of non –alcoholic drinks is less compared to the alcoholic ones. The consumers of these products see drinking a bottle of alcohol as an opportunity to wipe away their everyday economic and other problems, so they keep coming to buy.


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