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Patronage improves for food sellers and beer parlours as Ramadan ends

Food sellers and beer parlour owners are overjoyed as sales bounce back after Ramadan.
In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, canteen and beer parlour owners express happiness as sales return to normal after the completion of Ramadan fasting:

They just finished fasting, customers have not been coming that much, but it is improving a little bit. Hopefully before next week, things will change for better.

Immediately they finished Ramadan on Saturday after Eid, my customers have been calling me that they cannot wait to drink, because it is not easy for them not to drink for one month. So they need something to drink.
The market is now picking up, now that fasting is over.

Food sales is now encouraging. I can now sell at any time, not like fasting period. I can now prepare the normal food I sell before.

ABIODUN SIKIRAT (Iya Doyin Food Canteen)
Definitely there are changes in our business. Customers are patronizing us now. Especially our Muslim fellows can now eat.

MRS. KUDIRAT ADEOSUN (Kudirat Food Canteen, Ogba)
Patronage has improved ever since Ramadan ended, but it has not gone back to normal. We hope things will get better soon.

MRS. JUDITH EZE (Iya Ibeji Food Canteen, Haruna)
Patronage is gradually coming back to normal now that our Muslim brothers and sisters have concluded their fast. Food sellers are rejoicing because their absence really affected our business. We thank God.

MRS. JOSU ALICE (Ultimate Beer Parlour)
Definitely, patronage must go back to normal. Aside the current situation of the country that has refused to change, sales was affected by Ramadan too. But now that it’s over, we look forward to having our old customers back. They’ve been coming, but not all of them.




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