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Nollywood star couple’s marriage collapses: The love story of Patrick and Iretiola Doyle

The love story of Patrick and Ireti Doyle began after Patrick Doyle lost his first wife to sickle cell anaemia. She died in 1999. The couple were married for ten years before she passed on leaving a seven year old son (Raymond) who also passed on in 2009 at age 17.
Patrick and his second wife Iretiola met for the first time at an auditioning for Jaded, Option. Apparently Patrick Doyle had called for a reading and Iretiola made her way to the reading through a friend of hers whom she told of her interest in acting. Iretiola was a third year student at the University of Jos, Plateau state, then.
In an interview the pretty actress granted she said, “I met him at my first official audition in Lagos State because I had done a production in Jos, Plateau State, before then. School was shut for a very long time; I was bored, I told a friend, this is what I wanted to do and she said I have somebody who can help, lets go to him. We went and he said there is an audition the following week.
“He asked me to come and try if I could get the role. The moment I walked into the room on the day of the audition, I became intimidated because people seated in that room that day were very big names, people I grew up watching.
Names like Yemi Solade, Funsho Alabi, Justus Esiri, Joe Adekwa and then Patrick Doyle himself. That was the very first time we met, and it was purely business for many years before one thing led to another.
“Initially, dating him was gauche.
The first time he even mentioned that he was attracted to me, my inner reaction was like amusing. In the course of work, when we are done, we do go out for lunch, and it didn’t mean anything to me because we were three then and later we were two. It didn’t occur to me because all my time working, I was treated like a boy. The few days I wore a dress to work; the guys would sit and make fun of me. He told me of his attraction during lunch, and my first reaction was, oh no! And I was having so much fun here, where am I going to get another job? Where I could learn everything as I was doing? I spent a lot of time trying to tell him why this would not be healthy for the work and he said no. He was sure it would work out. So, he took his time to convince me. He was not in a hurry, but I guess if you are in close proximity with someone long enough and you share certain fundamental values it is only a matter of time” .
Iretiola was attracted to her husband of many years because he was a good man, her greatest cheer leader, a pillar of support and strength.
The marriage is blessed with five children.
More than one decade of friendship and marriage, we woke up to the rude shock that the once upon a time love tale has packed up. One would wonder that despite the accolades, kind words spoken about each other and years of being role models of the marriage institution to the younger generation, most especially their colleagues who can’t stay put in a union, the couple decided to call it quit.
According to information pieced together by ENCOMIUM Weekly, things fell apart since 2014, after Iretiola’s love daughter Abimbola Ngozika Ozofor got married. She allegedly moved to an apartment in Anthony Village leaving her husband of many years and children in their matrimonial home. Also, Patrick and Ireti have not been stepping out together, a development strangely observed by many fans and media. When asked why they have not been spotted together in recent time, Ireti, said:
“We are both busy people and you find that, in any one given weekend, we’ve both been invited to three or four different events where all three or four people are expecting to see us, so we play it smart, we share it; if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen the other.”
ENCOMIUM Weekly made a call to Iretiola Doyle on Monday, July 3, 2017. She didn’t pick our call nor replied our text message (Good morning ma, we learnt your marriage is troubled and you have moved out of your matrimonial home, we would like to confirm if it is true ma, thanks) as at press time.
All efforts to reach Patrick Doyle didn’t yield results as at press time.




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