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Lamentations of prostitutes during Ramadan (2)

‘It’s expected’,  Islamic scholar says

As muslims across the globe are entering the last leg of this year’s holy month (Ramadan), commercial sex workers have started rejoicing that their unwanted but unavoidable enemy will terminate in a matter of days. And their patrons will return in multitude as the fasting season has not done them any good.
Few of the prostitutes ENCOMIUM Weekly chatted with lamented the hardships and agony occasioned by the ongoing muslim fasting coupled with the already bastardised economy. They are however, happy that the fasting is gradually going to an end.
According to Loveth, in one of the fun spots in Lagos, “The situation is very tough now, my brother. Everybody is lamenting. I only come once in a while now. Even, I am the one calling my customers on phone now unlike before. Yet, I may not get two people. And if they come, they tell you they will credit your account the following day after giving you just N1,000. They will tell you economy itself does not praise the Lord. That’s their new method. And the funniest thing is that you won’t hear from them again. And now, fasting is still on, that has really affected those of us coming out now. But now, we’re happy the fasting will soon end, then business will resume in full.”
Another prostitute in Fagba axis of Lagos, Ola, a.k.a Born Again disclosed, “Things are not okay with most of us in this business now. It’s only that we don’t have a choice, that’s why we’re still coming out now. Usually, we’re not always happy any time the muslim fasting begins. The 30-day is like a whole year because even before Ramadan comes in, the situation has been bad because of recession. Now, the situation is even worse, and there’s nothing we can do about it. If you visit most of the ‘joints’ now, everywhere is deserted. Even, those of us coming out only do that for fun just because we don’t want to be staying at home. No one patronizes us now. And I have two children in school, I am the one paying their school fees. And my business has crashed since 2016,that’s why I resorted to prostitution. The only joy now is that the fasting is almost over. My brother, I have started counting the remaining days since it was half way on Saturday, June 10,2017. Though, the business won’t pick up immediately, it will take some days before men will be visiting all the hangouts.”
Speaking with Islamic cleric and scholar, Imam Abdulwaheed Akomolesin on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, he justified the happenings in the business and other related immoralities in our society. He backed his assertion up with one of the sayings of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), but disagreed that muslims are the main patrons of prostitutes and beer parlours as being bandied by some people.
“What is happening now concerning all immoral businesses is not new. That’s how it has always been during Ramadan. And that doesn’t mean it is only muslims that dwell in such immoralities, Christians and others are also involved. That’s why all these fun spots, hotels and beer parlours are deserted during the month.
“Let me also tell you this, more than half of Christians respect this month as well. They accord it its due respect, especially publicly. That’s why they don’t patronise prostitutes, beer parlours during Ramadan. And we all know in the South-West here, we relate very well irrespective of our religious differences. So, that makes it difficult for most fun spots to record high patronage this time around. What normally happens during Ramadan is that most Christians don’t visit beer parlours but they send their children to buy beer for them and drink at home. It’s also a sign of respect for the month and the fasting muslims around them. The truth is that whether you’re a muslim or not, the moment the month arrives, the fear of God grips the hearts of many. All forms of immoralities will reduce drastically or even disappear that month. That’s the command of God.” He said we should fast during the holy month so that we can increase in His piety.
Also, in one of the hadith’s of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), he told us that during Ramadan, Allah will command all his angels to lock up all houses of devil, chain the devil so that he won’t have power over His people. That’s why you see many beer parlours, brothels, club houses empty now. There will be very low patronage and that doesn’t mean muslims are the main patrons of such places. This same reason prostitutes must be lamenting at the moment.”




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