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Panic as fuel queues resurface

Many feeling stations have started experiencing long queues since yesterday, December 5, 2017, as a result of rumoured fuel scarcity which is most likely to last few weeks. The reason for the perceived scarcity of the product is yet to be established, but cannot be unconnected with the rumour that the marketers are not comfortable with its current price of N145 per litre and the amount it’s sold to them at the depot.
Few of the motorists spoke to today, Wednesday, December 6, 2017, could also not establish any cogent reason for the ugly situation which currently affecting the free flow of traffic in certain parts of Lagos.
According to Akinola Olowolagba, “I noticed that the queue was building up yesterday when I was coming from work. And before I got to Abule Egba, I discovered there was a long queue in one of the filling stations along the road while others have been closed. When I asked those on the queue, what they told me was that there’s a rumour that petrol is going to be scarce and may last few days before it’s resolved because marketers have refused to lift the fuel. So, I had no choice than to join the queue. I even brought in the keg after filling my vehicle’s tank. Although, it’s still being sold at the rate of N145 per litre, no one knows what can happen in the next few days. That’s why everybody is struggling to buy now, even much as one can buy.”
Also, Mr Julius Ihenne corroborated the earlier submission, saying, “No one can say exactly this is the reason for the long queues at filling stations now, but the rumour is that fuel will soon be very scarce, and even the price per litre may be doubled. I also found out that marketers are very bitter at the moment over the current price. They said they want a review of the price. I thought it was a joke yesterday when I saw people queuing at the filling station around my office in Fagba. But before the day closed, the queue disappeared. When I found out why they said they have exhausted their limit for the day. I had to go to another filling station close by, the manager also said they didn’t have fuel. So, I had to move to Abule Egba this morning where I eventually got the fuel but after long hours of stay. Almost all of us at the station were in the dark. No one knows the reason for the queue being experienced. I only think we’re all panic buyers. But let’s see what will happen in the next few days.”
A commercial driver from Ogba, Lagos said, “We should all pray it doesn’t go beyond this week because if it does, it will affect a lot of things. The queue has started since yesterday once many people got to know that marketers are on strike. They all know that fuel scarcity is the outcome of such and it will be very devastating if not put in control urgently. I learnt the marketers are protesting the current price they’re lifting the fuel from the depot and the pump price per litre which to them is not profitable. So, as the situation is now, no one is sure of when it will end. Although the experience is not new to us, it happens like this every December.”



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