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Why this fuel scarcity is obnoxious and vexatious

This current fuel scarcity is not only obnoxious and reprehensible, it is vexatious.

How can a people this blessed be made to regularly undergo this harrowing experience of queuing for hours and days, fighting at filling stations and deprived of a basic necessity?
Across many states, there are long queues farther than the eyes can see and stations not dispensing at all. 
And Nigerians should be very angry on these accounts as compiled by
1.We are a major oil producing nation
We are the biggest oil producer importing fuel and failing. The daily requirements are grossly under-supplied as we lose forex importing and short-changing our compatriots.
2. Our refineries can’t produce enough, constantly malfunctioning 
With evident short supply for years, we still have only four under-performing refineries with successive governments just blabbing.
3. Ample warning was given by marketers
For weeks, marketers have warned of looming scarcity with Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation’s managing director grandstanding as if the company is one of his father’s estates.
They warned about the anomalies in NNPC’s operations. And we are now being punished.
4. Corruption all the way
From the top to petrol station attendants, Nigerians are fleeced and exploited.
Because we are desperate, we are made to accept all sorts of nonsense.



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