Petrol Scarcity Update: Nigerians Call For Govt. Intervention

In the past few weeks, scarcity of the Premium Motor Spirit [PMS] bites harder in every part of the country, Nigerians are complaining bitterly about the unbearable and mind mending situation ever since  petrol became a scarce commodity. Many people lament they were not able to get petrol to fuel their cars, generators… And other daily activities that depend largely on PMS.

In recent analysis, confirmed that in every 10 petrol stations, only 2 out of the 10 are likely to sell. Most filling stations were also reported to sell above the approved price for petrol (#86.50), the rate at which the scarce commodity is sold ranges between #100- #150 in many filling stations in Lagos state, with a lot of people queuing and striving hard to purchase it at the expensive and abnormal price. The situation has been described by many Nigerians as “terrible and unbearable”. visited some petrol stations in Lagos state, where we got to know how Nigerians feel about the ongoing situation, as many have described the situation as a woeful experience.

Mr. Olawale Olaniyi revealed he spends nothing less than 2hours daily in other to fuel his car. The situation is pathetic, he added.

Also Miss Hannah described the unnecessary charges placed on petrol by many filling stations as a burden. Government should help us, she begged.

Again, some people believe one must be a good boxer to get petrol in many stations, as most people who lack the patience to queue and wait their turn, without considering those who have been queuing for hours. This and several measures have made the number of squabbles to rise in many filling stations.




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