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‘This is the worst time to be a Nigerian’ – Compatriots lament as fuel scarcity, power outage and hyper inflation tango

Those who are too young to remember the horrors of the 30-month civil war (1967-1970), the logjam of June 12, 1993 elections, and perhaps the subsidy mess of January 2012, have labelled this current multiple crises as the worst in our history.

For the first time in a long while, many challenges are in a macabre dance, taunting and tormenting Nigerians and bringing out the worst in them as they pant and struggle to breathe.

From this harrowing petrol scarcity that has crippled commerce and social activities, hardship has hardly been this horrible.

And with electricity never available to run businesses and enjoy life, being a Nigerian is unappealing.

With the heat that has settled in our land, punishing and searing, there’s nowhere to run.

Now, add those to companies offloading employees in their thousands to the labour market, no one can smile or laugh heartily.

Combine the forex debacle, where platoons are on the queue to offset foreign bills, the pangs are unimaginable.

When those without conscience now exploit the lack of forex, increase the prices of essential and non-essential items astronomically, millions will be on their knees.

To add more shame to it all, throw in the non-payment of salaries for many months by about 27 states, you have a full blown humiliation that diminishes humanity.

All the things that make life more meaningful are in conspiracy to torment Nigerians, and create a replica of the legendary hell.

‘Welcome to hell. Welcome to the full dress rehearsal that is labelled hell. Welcome to Nigeria’.







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