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How Nigeria failed us, 57th independence anniversary extra (2)

The survival of a nation depends on the good its leadership can bring to bear on the people. Once the followers are disillusioned, some would lose hope eventually.

Here are responses of Nigerians on how their country has failed them…

Chioma Joseph

Nigeria has not failed me like its leaders did. Those we continually put our destiny in their hands have not ceased to disappoint and fail us.

We only vote them to power, they have not delivered unto us the dividends of democracy. We continue to suffer endlessly for the carelessness of our leaders.


Tina Okorie

It is Nigerians that have failed me. They are too gullible, they allow their leaders to deceive them and push them to fighting and distrusting their neighbours.

They sell their conscience for peanuts while their leaders pretend to be helping them.


Femi Austin

The leaders of this great nation have failed me. They come to power and rip the country of its resources.

They amass wealth for their children’s children while those who voted them to power wallow in poverty. They promise heaven on earth and go to sleep after they have won.


Moses Egboruche

The youths of this nation have failed me. They are being used by political bigwigs and they keep on enjoying it to the detriment of their future. They have forgotten that they are the leaders of tomorrow, that the new Nigeria we are all crying for is in their hands. Most of them have sold their soul to the devil and money.


Zaina Ibrahim

It is our leaders that have failed us. No good road, no good infrastructure, no light. Nothing seems to be working again. Look at how much they are earning while the common man is left with the minimum wage to survive on.


Bimbo Adegbiti

It is this present regime that failed me. They promised us change and indeed we have seen changes, in the form of three square meal to one or even half. Men can no longer boast that they are men because they cannot afford to cater for their households.


Bridget Idukoya

Nigeria has failed me, I am no more secured in my country. I can no longer fend for myself not to talk of my siblings. Prices of food stuff keep on skyrocketing daily. No light, good road, the list is endless.


Reuben Asikoko

Our leaders are the problem. They all get to power with the aim of amassing wealth to themselves, they enjoyed the best that the masses should be enjoying and leave us with empty promises. The ridiculous thing about this is that, gullible people will still vote the same set of people back to power.


Peter Adinoi

Nigeria has failed me in so many ways. In the area of leadership, their attitude, infrastructure. Generally, I am no longer proud to be a Nigerian, most especially as a result of happenings in recent times.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun




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