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‘Why we love Nigeria, 57th independence anniversary special (2)

Nigeria’s 57th independence anniversary is on Sunday, October 1, and many Nigerians are grateful to witness another epoch. sampled opinions of Nigerians to know what they love about their country and why…


Ayoola Caleb

I love our national anthem because it is not just a song but prayer to God on behalf of the nation.

I also love the fact that Nigeria is blessed. We are blessed with natural resources and human resources.


Ifeoma Nnzebunachi

I love Nigeria because we love God. It might not be reflecting in our lifestyle but I believe the God we serve is the reason the nation has not gone through worse situation than this.


Clara Ogodo

It is my country. There is no place like home. No matter how bad we think things are in this country, we are still a blessed people. No matter how long you are gone , you would still want to come back to Nigeria.


Bayo Akanbi

I love the diehard spirit in Nigerians. There is no place a Nigerian can’t survive. We are rugged people.

We have beautiful minds in Nigeria as well. I love the fact that we are united as a people and we care about each other’s welfare.


Israel Longe

Nigerians are very strong. Once we make up our minds about an issue, we stick to it. I can remember when Ebola came, we all united and fought it and we overcame. Check out the number of people who died in other countries as a result of that disease and compare it to Nigeria. We all stood against it and we won.


Kola Aliyu

I love the diversity in our culture. We are colourful people with colourful cultures. You ou can’t find such beauty in any other part of the world.

The colour of our skin is also unique. Have you been to other African nations, compare their darkness to ours? Ours is just unique.


Sonia Kaka

I love Nigeria because we are blessed. The only disaster that has befallen us is mudslide and it was just Lagos. Even when there is flooding, people rarely die compared to other nations.

Look at what happened during hurricane some weeks back. We are truly a blessed nation.


Segun Osele

I love everything about Nigeria – our land, people, food, culture and even facts. We are still growing and one day we would mature and be the giant we are created to be. We just need good people to lead us and that is all.


Bola Olushola

We have a lot of places – tourist attractions, sites. I know some countries build theirs but most of ours are natural. It shows that God truly loves us in Nigeria.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun




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