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How Nigeria failed us, 57th independence anniversary extra

The survival of a nation depends on the good its leadership can bring to bear on the people. Once the followers are disillusioned, some would lose hope eventually.

Here are responses of Nigerians on how their country has failed them…


Adeniyi Ademola

It is just the economy, it has affected so many things. It has even broken homes. It is now women that are breadwinners, that is the major way this country has failed me.


Funmike Ajibike

Nigeria has not failed me but it’s leaders have. The self centered, callous, greedy and good for nothing people leading business has failed me. Not just this desperadoes, but all those who contributed to the down turn of the economy.


Cecelia Anu

It is our leaders that are failing us, we don’t have good leaders. They are all corrupt and there is nothing to write home about them.


Jennifer Abosede

Nigeria has failed me in terms of employment. How can a young lady graduate from school and be searching for employment for years, Nigeria has failed me by lack of opportunities.


Petra Michael

I believe Nigeria will be great again. Our leaders have failed us, even the citizens have a large role to play in making Nigeria great again.

Government should stop making life difficult for the masses, the masses should also stop disobeying rules and regulations of the country.


Bamidele Adeyemi

Nigeria has not failed me, the government has. To govern Nigerians and make them happy does not take eternity. Nigerians are not asking for too much to be happy in the land. Tthese things are normal amenities a Government should give its people but the politicians, our leaders have perpetually failed in giving us this request.


Hamzat Folorunsho

Nigeria has not failed me, poor  leadership is the bane of her progress. We can get it right, with focus and transparency.


Kiki Ayameli

I will blame the leaders. If they didn’t fail us, things would be different by now. Once they get it right ,things would fall in place.


Yinka Amao

I think we have our leaders to thank for that. We are not enjoying anything in Nigeria. I just pray we get it right one day.


  • Shade Wesley-Metibogun



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